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COBB grilis suteiks jums galimybę kepti bet kur ir bet kada, kada jums tiks norisi Гриль COBB позволит вам печь в любом месте и в любое время.

COBB Grills

What is a COBB Grill?

A Cobb grill is a portable, compact and efficient grill that allows you to enjoy delicious food anywhere, anytime. With their unique design and high quality materials, Cobb grills are the perfect choice for both food lovers and experienced chefs. Enhance your outdoor cooking experience with Cobb grills - quality, convenience and taste all in one unit.

Born more than 20 years ago on the southern tip of Africa, the award-winning COBB was developed as a safer and more cost-effective way for rural South Africans to cook. The first COBB fuel was a dried-out maize cob, making it the universal cooker for which the name COBB was coined.

The COBB is a very economical and more environmentally friendly option, as it takes 8-10 briquettes, one CobbleStone or 300 grams of charcoal to cook for up to two hours.

Developed over several decades, the COBB grill can now grill, sear, smoke, boil or simply reheat the food you want, is lightweight and space-saving - useful in the garden, on terraces, on balconies, or in the great outdoors, whether you are fishing or hunting. This grill will help you cook healthier food - the fat management system and the tray trap excess fat so your food cooks juicy but not greasy.

The most versatile grill

Bake anywhere, anything.

For grilling
for frying
For barbecues
For cooking
For baked goods
For frying

COBB Grill Components

1. Dome:
Made of stainless steel and has a heat resistant handle. The holes in the dome ensure even ventilation throughout the cooking process and create an oven effect.

2. Grill grates:
With easy-to-clean Teflon® non-stick coating. The excess grease drains out through the holes and into the groove.

3. Fire net:
Protected area for CobbleStone or loose briquettes.

4. Stainless steel moat/internal sleeve:
Holds all excess grease. The groove can also be used for cooking vegetables.

5. Base:
With non-slip rubber feet, the base remains stable and cool to the touch during use.

The COBB is supplied with instructions for use. All parts are interchangeable and can also be purchased separately. Each component of the COBB is dishwasher safe.

COBB Product Line:

  • Cobb Premier: A classic and reliable model that is ideal for all types of food preparation.

  • Cobb Premier +: An enhanced model with additional features and convenience that increases your food production capabilities.

  • Cobb Premier Air: An innovative model that features perfect air circulation systems for perfect cooking results.

  • Cobb Premier Gas: A liquid fuel model that allows you to enjoy the quality and taste of Cobb without burning any coal.

  • Cobb Supreme: Our largest model, designed for large families or special events.

  • Cobb Compact: A compact and lightweight option, ideal for cooking on the go or camping.
Grilio lėkštė COBB Griddle +, Supreme modeliui Чугунный противень для гриля COBB Griddle +, модель Supreme

Why choose Cobb Grills?

  • Compactness: The portable design makes it easy to transport the grill anywhere, anytime. The perfect choice for camping, picnics or even on board.

  • Efficient Combustion: Our grills use highly efficient combustion, allowing you to save fuel and enjoy your cooking for longer.

  • Innovative Design: Our grills feature a unique, robust and attractive design that not only enhances your outdoor space but also ensures high performance.

Customers who love COBB:

Mantas Č.
Verified review

The Cobb grill has a unique design that not only looks great, but also adds great flavour to my dishes. Highest recommendations.

Ruth J.
Verified review

My Cobb grill is an indispensable travel partner! Whether I'm at camp or at the holiday home, this compact grill allows us to enjoy delicious food anywhere, anytime.

Komplektas COBB BBQ Kit, Premier modeliams Набор для прямого нагрева COBB BBQ Kit, модели Premier
Thomas M.
Verified review

The accessories that are sold with Cobb grills are a real life stream! With the smoke ring, grill boards and grill shells, I can create amazing dishes with minimal effort.

Giedre K.
Verified review

My Cobb grill is simply indispensable! From the first day of use it has impressed me with its convenience, efficiency and most importantly - delicious food!

Kajus T.
Verified review

The Cobb grill is becoming the star of all my family gatherings! The wonderful flavours we can create together are simply priceless.