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For more than a decade, OLEIO, a German company specialising in top-quality kitchen tools, has been presenting itself to the world as a brand that cares not only about selling, but also about contributing to the creation of a "better life". This idea is reflected in the company's motto - "Better Life".

OLEIO is positioning itself worldwide as one of the companies that can offer an equivalent price/quality ratio. It is not for nothing that the company's products have been appreciated and loved by famous chefs and cooking enthusiasts alike.

Under the OLEIO brand name "Zayiko and Wakoli lines of knives with exclusive designs. Made from 67 layers of Japanese Damascus steel, the knives are sharp, long-lasting and durable. Each blade thins evenly, so there is no resistance when cutting. The knives also feature a distinctive design, luxurious wooden handles and eye-catching unique blade patterns.

Each product in the OLEIO range is unique and distinctive, representing a handmade product. Japanese Damascus steel knives or knife holders are the perfect match for a variety of kitchen interiors.

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