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Pellet smoker TRAEGER Ironwood 650

by Traeger
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Pellet smoker TRAEGER Ironwood 650

by Traeger
Regular price 1,699.00 €
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Ironwood - granular smokers series offered by TRAEGER, USA. Read more here. Ironwood 650 is one of the most popular models that has won the hearts of many grillers around the world.

These smokers features are many: the grill automatically maintains your preferred internal temperature; you can control the temperature from your mobile phone.

In addition, TRAEGER Ironwood 650 smokehouses has a highly stable construction and a double-walled body for even better heat retention. A shelf with hooks on the side of the grill for storing food and tools.

Ironwood 650 Smoker is a large model: it can hold up to 8 chickens, 5 strips of ribs or 6 pieces of pork neck. With this TRAEGER grill you can entertain a large group.

Feel the pleasure of smoking with Ironwood 650

Pellet smoking grills are different from other grills in that the food cooked on this grill will have the special flavour of wood burning. Its fuel is 100% natural cherry, curry, oak or other wood in pellet form, without any impurities. The smoke is self-generated as the fuel burns. For a stronger smoke flavour in your dishes, just switch on Super Smoke® mode.

Choose how much smoke you need with the TRAEGER Smoker

Super Smoke® mode allows you to increase the smoke feed to the maximum at the touch of a button. The grill in this mode, at temperatures between 74 °C and 107 °C, ensures the best absorption of smoke flavour into the food.

Downdraft Exhaust® - TRAEGER air supply and smoke circulation technology. The principle is that the air inlet and the smoke outlet are separate. The smoke is distributed in a swirl pattern throughout the interior of the casing and is discharged through low-lying openings. This way, your dishes get maximum smoke flavour from all sides, 

Control your grill intelligently with WiFIRE® technology and D2® controller

WiFIRE® technology is one of the reasons why TRAEGER grills are called the future of grills. With this feature, you can control your grill from anywhere using the free TRAEGER App App. You can find it at can be installed on both your smartphone and APPLE Watch smartwatch. Read more here.

D2 Controller® - is the grill controller. It maintains the exact internal temperature so you can achieve perfect cooking results. 

You can adjust the temperature with the controller within 5 °C, in a range from 75 to 260 °C. It is easy to use, even for first-time grillers. 

Keep Warm® mode

If you want to leave your food in the grill to prevent it from cooling or overcooking, TRAEGER's signature Keep Warm® mode. You can switch it on at any time - whether you're still grilling or have finished cooking on the grill. 

The mode is activated by pressing a button on the control panel and the grill will keep itself at 74°C inside the grill.

This is a particularly handy feature when you're cooking for a large group and the food isn't ready to eat right away.

All TRAEGER Ironwood 650 grill features in the specification.


  • Manufacturer.
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Product Code: TFB65BLFC
  • Model: Ironwood 650
  • Versatile 6 in 1 cooking functions: you can grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise and cook low & low
  • Innovative fuel combustion system.
  • Indirect cooking principle: the temperature is distributed very evenly inside the grill. The fat does not burn when it cools.
  • Operating temperature of the grill: 75 - 260 °C
  • Cooking area: 4'194 sq.cm
    • Size of the 1 tier grill: 55,9 x 48,2 cm 
    • 2 floor: 55.9 x 26.7 cm
  • TRAEGER Ironwood 650 kThe oven holds: 8 hens / 5 rib strips / 6 pork neck cuts.
  • Grill material: porcelain coated steel. Ensures durability and extremely easy cleaning
  • The walls of the casing are double: the grill keeps the heat well inside.
  • Housing material: paint-coated steel
  • Super Smoke® mode increases the amount of smoke inside the grill.
  • Keep Warm® keeps the heat low and prevents the food from cooling down.
  • WiFIRE® system: allows you to control and monitor the status of your grill using your smartphone
  • Pellet sensor built into the fuel tank. Measures the fuel balance and also transmits the information to the TRAEGER smartphone app
  • The grill comes with a meat temperature probe (needle).
  • Pellet hopper capacity: 9.1 kg.
  • Special opening in the pellet tray: you can conveniently pour the pellets into StayDry and fill up with pellets from another tree.
  • The grill's wheels allow for easy transport over a wide range of terrain and a stable grill:
    • 2 smaller castors with locking clips
    • 2 large castors for traversing difficult terrain.
  • Hooks for hanging tools make cooking on the grill more convenient.
  • Easy cleaning: grease escapes through the opening into a bucket on the outside.
  • Dimensions of the assembled grill 119,4 x 114,3 x 66 cm
  • Weight: 67,6 kg
  • TRAEGER Ironwood 650 30-60 minutes for assembly.



    The TRAEGER Smoker comes with a limited 3-year warranty when used for its intended purpose.

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