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Gas grill NAPOLEON Rogue 525, black

SKU: R525PK-1
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Gas grill NAPOLEON Rogue 525, black

SKU: R525PK-1
Regular price 1,099.00 €
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Grill meat, vegetables, potatoes or fish in one go! Up to 4 cooking zones NAPOLEON Rogue 525 grill let you do it conveniently! Black and stylish, this grill is designed for those looking for Premium grill at an affordable price.  

NAPOLEON gas grill Rogue 525 has up to 4 burners, which feature an innovative JetFire system - the fire will always light up on the first try, without the need for battery power. Each burner can be switched on independently of the others by simply turning the non-slip ignition knob for the burner you want.

Cross burners are designed to reignite the flame after the burner has gone out so that you don't have to worry about the gas going "up in the air".

The grill has a porcelain-coated Wave cast iron cooking grates that will leave vivid curved impressions on your food!

Baking area - 73 x 45 cm, so you can fit up to 32 burgers or 15 steaks! The baking area is also extended by the included heating rack.

Cooking with Rogue gas grill, you can adjust the temperature, and you can make it extra high if you need to. Two levels of stainless steel Indirect cooking grill plates above the burners will protect them from grease and distribute the heat around the grill. 

Grill Rogue 525 The lid lifts and lowers easily and is designed to retain heat perfectly. Accu-Probe thermometer ensures an accurate temperature reading, so you can cook flawlessly with this gas grill, because you are in control. 

It's a grill that's perfect in the backyard or garden, but also on a smaller terrace. NAPOLEON gas grill Rogue 525 has fold-down side shelves so you can save space. The shelves have hooks for grill tools or towels, making grilling more convenient.

The gas cylinder (sold separately) and other internal parts of the grill are protected by a tightly closing door in the housing. A special ring-shaped recess is provided for the propane cylinder inside the grill.


  • Manufacturer: Napoleon
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Code: R525PK
  • Fuel: propane (liquefied petroleum gas in cylinders)
  • Folding side shelves: 2
  • Colour: black
  • NAPOLEON gas grill Rogue 525 has 4 burners | 16,6 kW (48,000 BTU)
  • Cooking area: 73 x 45 cm. Tilps up to 32 burgers or 15 steak portions!
  • Additional stainless steel warming rack available
  • Wave The curved cast iron cooking grates are coated with porcelain enamel for a wavy design and rust-resistant. They are easy to clean and do not need to be oiled after cooking.
  • NAPOLEON gas grill Rogue 525 has 2 fold-down side shelves on which you can place food, utensils, etc. They also have hooks for tools or towels.
  • Rogue 525 features a patented indirect cooking plate system. It ensures even temperature distribution throughout the cooking zone and protects the burners from grease and the food from the risk of direct heat and ignition.
  • NAPOLEON gas grill Rogue 525 Available from Jet Fire ignition system - ensuring that the robust, rust-proof gas burners always ignite first time. And there's no need to use an extra button for ignition. Simply turn the burner knob and you're done!
  • The grill lid is equipped with a built-in Accu-Probe temperature sensor. It has marked temperature scales that allow you to see the actual temperature in the grill and control the cooking process.
  • If you are a fan of smoked food, we recommend the optional purchase of cast iron charcoal tray. NAPOLEON gas grill Rogue 525 become coal/gas - you can smoke right over the burning coals!
  • It has wheels with brakes - handy when you need to change location.
  • Height with lid up / down: 160 / 120 cm
  • Width with shelves up / down: 144 / 103 cm
  • Depth: 63,50 cm
  • Weight: 70,50 kg


    For NAPOLEON used for its intended purpose Rogue grills come with a limited 15-year warranty.

    The following parts are covered by the 15-year warranty:
    Aluminium alloy / stainless steel profiles;
    Stainless steel cover;
    Porcelain enamel lid;
    Stainless steel cooking grates;

    10-year warranty on stainless steel gas burners.

    5-year warranty on the following parts:
    Stainless steel gas burner cover plates;
    Porcelain enamel coated cast iron cooking grates;
    Ceramic infrared burners (excluding screen grid);

    If you need to buy any part of a NAPOLEON grill within 15 years (with 10-year and 5-year warranties), we offer a 50% discount.

    All other parts not mentioned are covered by a 2-year warranty (excluding power cells and light bulbs).

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