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NAPOLEON Freestyle 365 SB gas grill with side stove, graphite

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NAPOLEON Freestyle 365 SB gas grill with side stove, graphite

Regular price 549.00 €
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New for 2022

Powerful NAPOLEON Freestyle 365 SB grill will give you access to premium the benefits of a premium grill, even on your balcony or terrace. This grill has 3 individually controlled burners and a side stove and is very compact: the right shelf folds down easily to save you space.

Side cooker adds extra functionality, allowing you to cook sauces, soup or anything else that requires direct gas combustion. Cook all your meals outdoors instead of in a conventional kitchen.

Both the burners and the side cooker are operated by separate, convenient handles that, together with JetFire ignition system, you can light the burners on the first try.

Freestyle 365 SB is characterised by a stylish and practical graphite black body - the body, panel, lid, door and side shelves of the gas grill shall be coated in grey porcelain enamel. This coating ensures durabilityand is also practical - it is fingerprint-free and easy to clean.

Branded NAPOLEON Wave grilles gives you what makes grilled food special - the sinuous imprints of the grill. The two-piece grill is made of high-heat cast iron and has a porcelain coating, so it will last a long time and is extremely easy to clean.

Freestyle The grill has a folding shelf on the side with hooks for hanging tools or towels so you can grill in comfort. If you don't need the shelf, it can be folded down easily.

The gas grill's enclosed housing ensures that the internal parts are protected from wind or bad weather. The gas cylinder fits inside the grill from the rear. There is a ring inside that is specifically designed to accommodate a propane ring, so the cylinder will stand securely.

NAPOLEON gas grill Freestyle 365 SB for those who want to serve a grilled dinner to both family and close friends. If you like smoked meat or fish, we recommend the optional integrated charcoal tray. With this grill it will be easy to improvise!

Gas barbecues can also be used in courtyards and terraces of apartment buildings: this is allowed by the fire safety regulation amended in 2019.


  • Manufacturer: Napoleon
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Code: F365SBPGT
  • Fuel: propane (liquefied petroleum gas in cylinders)
  • Colour: graphite black
  • Dimensions:
    • Height with lid down/up: 116/154 cm
    • Width with shelves raised/lowered: 124/100 cm
    • Depth: 64 cm
  • Burners:
    • 3 Robust, stainless steel gas burners - 3x4 kW 
    • 1 side stove of 3 kW.
  • Total grill F365SBPGT power output 15 kW.
  • Grilles:
    • 2-part grill
    • Baking area: 51 x 45 cm.
    • Material: cast iron (spiege), coated with porcelain enamel (very easy to clean, no need to oil after baking, non-stick)
  • Diameter of the side stove: ±20 cm.
  • Jetfire ignition system to ensure that the grill is always lit first time.
  • Folding side shelf: 1 (right), with hooks for tools.
  • An exclusive feature of Napoleon gas grills is the optional integrated cast iron charcoal/smoking tray (sold separately: Cast Iron Charcoal/Smoker Tray 67732), i.e. the grill becomes a charcoal/gas grill, because with this accessory, you can grill or smoke a variety of dishes with both charcoal and gas over the burning coals. For lovers of smoked meat or fish!
  • Gas grill Freestyle 365 SB features the patented NAPOLEON indirect cooking plate system, which ensures even temperature distribution throughout the cooking area and protects the gas burners from leaking fat. Your food will cook evenly and, most importantly, without burning. The plates are made of stainless steel and coated with porcelain enamel.
  • The lid has a built-in thermometer: it is convenient to monitor the exact cooking temperature without lifting the lid.
  • The fitted aluminium grease collection system with a container conveniently accessible from the side ensures simple and quick cleaning.
    • Weight: 48,5 kg


    For NAPOLEON for the intended use Freestyle grills are covered by a limited 10-year warranty.

    The following parts are covered by the 10-year warranty:
    Aluminium alloy / stainless steel profiles;
    Stainless steel cover;
    Porcelain enamel lid;

    5-year warranty on the following parts:
    Aluminium alloy lid;
    Stainless steel gas burners;
    Porcelain enamel-coated cast-iron cooking grates;

    If you need to buy any part of a NAPOLEON grill within 10 years (with a 5-year warranty), we offer a 50% discount.

    All other parts not mentioned are covered by a 2-year warranty (excluding power cells and light bulbs).

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