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Top griliai pagal gyvenimo būdą

Top grills by lifestyle

For travellers

Hungry hunters grill in the moss in the woods, fishermen grill by the lake or the seashore, car travellers grill at campsites or on the side of the road when they don't feel like eating a stale hot dog from the nearest petrol station, because the food bar has already been raised!

You really can grill anywhere with camping, portable grills. If you want to buy not only a grill, but also a smoker, oven, stove and grill all in one - we recommend any COBB grill. You can improvise - a whole range of accessories will allow you to cook pizza, pancakes or stew - not the worst scenario when you've just emerged from your tent, when the morning air is still brisk, the mountains are all around you and there's no civilisation around, but you want to eat a decent breakfast.

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Both COBB and WEBER "The Go-Anywhere series of portable barbecues are available in gas or charcoal - it would be hard to find an electrical socket in the woods. All are compact and safe to transport. The Go-Anywhere grill, for example, even has special upward-folding feet that lock the lid. COBB grills, meanwhile, are sold with special bags for easy portability.

If you're NAPOLEON brand, we recommend the Travelq PRO285X gas grill, which comes with a folding trolley so you can grill standing up, while the grill fits neatly in the boot of your car when not in use.

For apartment dwellers

We have a solution for apartment dwellers too! If you have the mischievous intention of annoying your neighbours with the delicious smells of grilled food, we recommend an electric grill, such as WEBER's Pulse series. The good news is that you don't need to worry about gas or coal supplies - all you need is an electrical outlet, so you can be grilling up a hearty dinner in just five minutes when the grill is hot!

All Pulse electric barbecues are compact, with or without a table - they can fit on smaller balconies. For those with understanding neighbours, we recommend the COBB grill. Please note that a COBB grill should be placed outdoors, within 6 metres of a building. Once the grill is set up, you can bring it inside and grill directly under the cooker hood or on the balcony.

If you bought your apartment just for the large terrace and knew that you would be grilling on it as well as reading a book or enjoying your clothes, we recommend that you look into the gas grill category. Often with folding shelves and castors, gas grills are mobile and compact.

For those living in a house or farmhouse

It's no secret that if you have your own backyard or garden, you can choose from a whole host of options and tailor your grill to suit your individual needs and preferences, which largely dictate the terms of your purchase: advocates of charcoal or kamado grills like the slow start-up process, the curb appeal of the heat, and the impeccable, natural aroma of smoke. Those with a gas grill tend to like the simple and quick cooking process, rejoice at the elimination of ash clean-up, and sleep more soundly knowing that they will always be in control of the grilling process and that the food will cook just right!

But that's not all: if you're planning an outdoor kitchen, we recommend a gas built-in grill. With a little imagination, you'll be able to whirl around in your own unique outdoor space, where more than one improvisational meal will be born in the fresh air!

Don't underestimate fire pits and open grills either. These grills are not only suitable for cooking with a variety of cast-iron kettles or sandwich and waffle pans, but they are sure to create a cosy atmosphere, especially on long summer evenings.

For example, Swiss FEU DU JARDIN open grills are as functional as they are stylish: grill smaller items, vegetables, meat skewers, hamburger mince or foil-wrapped potatoes with condiments.

Feu du Jardin, open grills, grills, grills,

For those looking for a garden decoration, we recommend MARSHALL handmade fireplaces with authentic carvings. As the fire burns, all your closest friends and family members will be mesmerised by the tongues of flame, highlighting a forest scene or the silhouette of a phoenix's wings. You will also be able to cook a variety of campfire dishes in the fire pit.

Family of up to 4 persons

If a barbecue party or family dinner is usually attended by four people, the COBB grill's full range of options is ideal and sufficient. Electric, gas or charcoal grills with a smaller cooking surface area (about 51 x 46 cm) are also useful. Why overdo it? Better to invest in grill accessoriesto expand your grill menu!

Family of 5 or more

More family members - more burners! If you are going to serve dinners for five or more people, we recommend buying a gas grill with three or more burners or any other grill with a larger cooking surface (at least 60 x 45 cm). This will allow you to cook your products at different temperatures according to everyone's preferences. There are bound to be some!

For gourmets who like variety

Unleashing your culinary imagination is easy with GBS (Gourmet BBQ System) accessories: for enthusiasts who appreciate unconventional flavours and a variety of cuisines from all over the world, we recommend buying a grill with a GBS grill system. You can integrate oriental wok dishes, skillets, pizza stones.

We can also offer a kazan with a stove or a campfire rack - for original Caucasian dishes (such as Uzbek plov).

For those organising celebrations

If you like to treat your friends to barbecue specialities or if you have to organise a larger celebration (e.g. a christening, stag or hen party), we recommend that you take a look at BARRELQ BARRELQ grills or other open wood-fired grills: not only will you be able to make finger-licking dishes, but you will also create a unique atmosphere and offer activities for your guests!

BARRELQ grills stand out because they are made of barrels - they look impressive. They both attract attention and invite you to try your hand at firewood and grilling. They are also unquestionably safe, and can be placed absolutely anywhere - you won't burn the grass or other surfaces.

BarrelQ, BarrelQ grills, grills, grill, charcoal grill, wood grill

For those with a food business

High capacity, original design grills-trailers - for experienced BBQ chefs. You'll most often find trailer grills at city fairs, exhibitions, music festivals: they attract attention, they're massive, they're decorative, and most importantly, the food cooked in the trailers leaves no one indifferent!

We also recommend all COBB and gas grills for presentations and tastings. COBB grills will be useful for tastings with smaller crowds. These grills will be easy to transport and prepare for use. Gas grills are also indispensable for larger presentations - you will be able to serve the dishes quickly, one after the other, and the presentation will not take too long.

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