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WEBER Summit E-670 gas grill with GBS system, black

SKU: 7371068
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WEBER Summit E-670 gas grill with GBS system, black

SKU: 7371068
Regular price 3,999.00 €
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The WEBER Summit E-670 gas grill in a classic colour is much more than an interior detail. Once you get to know this grill better, you'll forget all about boring dishes.

The WEBER Summit E-670 gas grill is for enthusiasts and professionals. Whether you're cooking crispy chicken, burgers, hot smoked fish or steak at home, it's a real daily routine!

This WEBER Summit E-670 gas grill has a large cooking surface so you can entertain not only your family but also your neighbours. 6 main burners, a powerful electric rotating spit, a Snap-Jet ignition system, a side cooker for garnishes and sauces, a smoking system and many other features that will bring a variety of unique flavours and dishes back to your kitchen!


  • Manufacturer.
  • Country of origin - USA
  • Fuel - gas (butane/propane)
  • Height (with lid open) - 145 cm
  • Width - 189 cm
  • Depth - 68 cm
  • Baking surface: 80,5 x 49 cm
  • Rated power: 17,6 kW
  • The WEBER Summit E-670 gas grill weighs 157 kg
  • Colour: black porcelain enamel
  • This is a fully assembled grill
  • Two-door cabinet
  • Has four castors - two of which are fixed.
  • Six tool hooks.
  • The side shelves are made of high quality steel. One shelf is a 3.5 kW stove where you can cook a side dish or sauce. When not in use, the cooker can be closed, making it convenient to use as an additional worktop.
  • The black porcelain enamel lid has an integrated thermometer.
  • The WEBER Summit E-670 gas grill has a 9 mm thick cooking grate made of stainless steel. The food does not stick to them, so the food always maintains a presentable appearance.
  • 6 stainless steel knobs with autonomous adjustment and a Snap-Jet ignition system: you can light the grill and set the temperature at the same time. The system allows you to set the optimum temperature and cook directly or indirectly.
  • The gas knobs have an additional 'Grill-Out' light.
  • There is a removable skewer with a powerful electric motor, making it easy to grill huge steaks.
  • If you want a crispy crust, use the infrared, 2.8 kW burner.
  • The WEBER Summit E-670 gas grill is equipped with a Sear Station supplementary burner, which allows you to achieve extremely high temperatures in a specific area of the grill.
  • Smoked food enthusiasts can now smoke their own food with the 2 kW stainless steel burner. Especially suitable for hot smoking enthusiasts.
  • The WEBER Summit E-670 gas grill is equipped with protective, high-quality steel plates with Flavorizer Bars that protect the gas burners from grease scalding and the food from sudden ignition, while also adding flavour and aroma.


All parts of the WEBER Summit Series gas grills are covered by a 10-year warranty, excluding normal wear and tear or misuse of the grill.

More about the warranty (in EN) here.

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