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WEBER Genesis II EP-435 gas grill with GBS system and additional burner, black

SKU: 62016169
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WEBER Genesis II EP-435 gas grill with GBS system and additional burner, black

SKU: 62016169
Regular price 1,999.00 €
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No Reviews
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The WEBER Genesis II EP-435 gas grill is a solidly constructed, durable, long-lasting grill with a whole range of innovative solutions.

The WEBER Genesis II EP-435 gas grill features the GS4 grilling system, four high-capacity burners, a cast iron grill grate and a heat deflector - grill with ease, these solutions will ensure that your food cooks evenly at any point on the grill.
Enthusiasts appreciate the fifth optional burner, the Sear Station. This is where the real grilling game begins - you can sear or sear a steak without any hassle!

The WEBER Genesis II EP-435 gas grill also features Infinite control, a precision-controlled gas combustion control, and aromatic plates - so you can cook beef, lamb or veal at the exact temperature you specify. Delicious meals!


  • Manufacturer.
  • Country of origin: USA
  • Code: 62016169
  • Fuel - liquefied petroleum gas in cylinders
  • Colour - black
  • Dimensions (with lid open, height x width x depth, cm): 157,5 x 165, 1 x 78,7
  • Dimensions (with lid closed, height x width x depth, cm): 119,38 x 165,1 x 73,66
  • Grill surface: 86 x 48 cm. The cooking grates are made of cast iron and coated with porcelain enamel to prevent food from sticking to them and to distribute the heat evenly over the entire area.
  • The cooking grates are equipped with the GBS system. The various GBS accessories (pizza stone, Chinese stew pan, waffle pan, etc.) will expand the grill's menu and encourage improvisation!
  • The WEBER Genesis II EP-435 gas grill has 4 stainless steel burners + 1 extra. These are high performance burners that contribute to an even temperature distribution over the entire grill area. Your food will cook at an even temperature!
  • How is the WEBER Genesis II EP-435 gas grill different from the other models in this series, which also have 4 burners? The secret is out - it's the Sear Station's fifth, smaller burner that sits between the third and fourth burners. With the Sear Station burner, you'll get extremely high temperatures - so you can sear, sear and improvise more!
  • "Infinite control - precision-controlled gas combustion control. Get the exact cooking temperature for any dish.
  • Includes side burner, stove top. This makes it much more convenient to serve both a side dish and a sauce with grilled food - forget going to your home kitchen.
  • The WEBER Genesis II EP-435 gas grill has a second-floor grill that can be transformed into a warming rack if needed, so you can make sure that guests who arrive late will also have a warm grilled meal.
  • There are two side, stainless steel shelves. The WEBER Genesis II EP-435 gas grill will last a long time - the shelves won't rust, even if you damage the surface, scratch it with a knife etc.
  • Side mounting of the cylinder.
  • Robust welded frame construction.
  • There is also a cabinet with black door - convenient for storing various grill accessories and utensils.
  • WEBER Genesis II EP-435 gas grill with four castors. Two of them with brakes. You can effortlessly change the location of the grill.
  • The lid is enamelled in black porcelain. Thermometer in the centre of the lid.
  • Six tool hooks to keep all your essential grilling tools close at hand.
  • The stainless steel heat deflector distributes the heat, directing it to the food being grilled and not to other components of the set, such as the grease collection pan.
  • The grill features the innovative GS4 grilling system. The system consists of an Infinity Ignition system, high performance burners, stainless steel Flavorizer Bars and a grease collection system.
  • What is Infinity Ignition? It's a precision ignition system that ensures the WEBER Genesis II EP-435 gas grill always lights up on the first try!
  • Your food will cook healthier and more aromatic thanks to the Flavorizer Bars' protective aroma plates. They are angled to collect dripping fat from the food and direct it directly into the tray of the fat collection system. Maintenance is simple: just replace the full tray with a new one! These plates are also aromatic: the collected fat evaporates due to the intense heat, giving the food a distinctive smoky aroma.
  • The WEBER Genesis II EP-435 gas grill is ready to use with the iGrill3 accessory. The grill is equipped with a built-in add-on module. If you want to monitor the temperature of your food on your phone and know exactly when it's cooked, we recommend the iGrill3. No more being on call to supervise the grilling - spend time with friends or family.


All parts of the WEBER Genesis II series are covered by a 10-year warranty, excluding normal wear and tear or misuse of the grill.

More about the warranty (in EN) here.

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