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Beef seasoning TRAEGER Jerky Rub, 170 g

by Traeger
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Beef seasoning TRAEGER Jerky Rub, 170 g

by Traeger
Regular price 10.99 €
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Beef Jerky - One of our favourite snacks, which we are increasingly trying to make at home. So that you don't have to struggle to find the perfect flavour, choose this Jerky Rub spice blend created by TRAEGER, the giant US grill brand.

Classic Jerky beef flavour combines the sweetness of brown sugar, the deep notes of soy, the spiciness of chilli pepper and paprika in a flawless blend. All of this is found in this blend, a favourite of grillers from all over the world.

While TRAEGER Beef Jerky spices are designed primarily with beef jerky in mind, they are also perfect for steaks and a wide variety of other presentations made from wild meat or even pork.

    The spices are easy to use and store: the metal box construction keeps the boxes firmly stacked on top of each other and the lid is made of 2 pieces. You can choose whether to add in small quantities or from the whole jar. 

    TRAEGER Spice mixes, sauces and granules go with everything, but this Jerky Rub spice blend is recommended for use with Oak Oak pellets and Plenty Of sauce.


    • Manufacturer: TRAEGER Pellet Grills LLC
    • Product code: SPC197
    • Weight: 170 g
    • Country of origin: USA
    • Packed in rectangular metal boxes.
    • Convenient to use: plastic lid with 2 compartments:
      • One with holes for pouring out smaller quantities of spices.
      • The other, larger one is open. The larger one, with a hole in the middle, and the larger one, with a hole in the bottom, allows you to easily scoop out the spices, pick them up with your fingers, or use a spoon when you need more.
    • Compact shelf storage: the clever shape of the lid and the bottom allows the TRAEGER spice boxes to be stacked up high. Thanks to the special shape, they stay firmly on top of each other and do not slip.
    • Box size: 8,3 cm x 5 cm x 9,8 cm
    • No flavour enhancers, GMO-free.
    • Kosher (servitized).
    • Suitable for the preparation of beef jerky, as well as for seasoning various beef and pork dishes and wild meat (venison, deer, wild boar, etc.).
    • Ideal for use with TRAEGER Turkey Blend wood pellets
    • Can be combined with TRAEGER Plenty Of barbecue sauce
    • Ingredients: chilli, sea salt, soy sauce, maltodextrin, brown sugar, glucose regulator, garlic, ginger, red sweet peppers, salt, sunflower oil, citric acid, natural flavouring, vinegar. 
    • Contains soya; may contain traces of milk, mustard, sesame, celery and sulphites
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