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PETROMAX cast iron frying pan, Ø 35 cm

SKU: fp35h-t
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PETROMAX cast iron frying pan, Ø 35 cm

SKU: fp35h-t
Regular price 56.99 €
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Excellent heat distribution and resistant to high temperatures. The porous cast-iron surface absorbs grease well, thus creating a natural non-burning surface. 

Ideal for cooking when camping, spending time outdoors or in the countryside. You can cook succulent dishes on an open fire, on the stove, in the oven or on the stove.


    • Manufacturer: Petromax
    • Country of Origin.
    • Diameter: 35 cm
    • Maximum capacity: 3,5 l
    • Height: 5 cm
    • Weight: 4,4 kg
    • Unique and delicate flavour in all dishes.
    • Ideal for all kinds of leisure activities in the garden, on a campsite, etc. 
    • The pan is ready to cook.
    • Petromax The pans are scratch-resistant, long-lasting, heat-retaining, durable and of high quality. Excellent heat distribution and resistance to high temperatures.
    • Use: after each use, rinse the pan, dry it and lubricate it with a special natural paste for the care of cast iron. A dirty or wet surface of the pan may rust as the cast iron alloy from which the pan is made contains iron.
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