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Pellet grill PIT BOSS NAVIGATOR PB850G, horizontal

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Pellet grill PIT BOSS NAVIGATOR PB850G, horizontal

Regular price 1,049.00 €
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With today's lifestyle of trying to eat healthier and tastier food, the importance of reducing fat consumption must be taken into account. One of the best ways to reduce the fat content of grilled food is, for example, by slow cooking without direct heat. In addition, granulesnėje rfor cooking in a farm natural wood pellets of various types, o the savoury taste of barely visible clear smoke aroma taste penetrates into the food, reducing the need for sauces with high added sugar.

Fully automated grill/smoker PIT BOSS NAVIGATOR PB850G with direct and indirect grilling functions. For cold smoking, an additional accessory can be used - a smoking cabinet installed on the side of the grill.


Temperature readout of the control panel on the display may not exactly match your control thermometer readings. All of the following guidance temperatures are approximate and are influenced by the following factors: external ambient air ambient temperature, wind direction and strength, we useo granulesnio fuel quality, how often are opened smoke shops the doors of the smokehouse open and the amount of food produced.

HIGH TEMPERATURE (205-260°C / 401-499°F)

This range is best suited for browning and frying on high heat. Use with direct heat (open flame holes) for grilling or indirect heat at high temperatures when food is not in contact with the flame (closed flame holes). Direct flame fires are generated by opening the flame dampers Blue-rare roasts - the meat is browned considerably on the outside, but remains virtually untouched by the heat in the middle. The internal temperature of such a roast should not exceed 50 °C. Vegetable or dessert dishes are also browned in this way. High temperatures are also used as searing temperatureaso that after use the grill cleaned after use. In addition, in extreme cold, it can be used high temperatures for warmingto compensate for the temperature contrast between the outside and inside of the unit.

AVERAGE TEMPERATURE (135-180°C / 275-356°F)

This range is best suited for frying and finish slowly bakeimo or slow downo smokesmoking food product. Cooking at this temperature significantly reduces the likelihood of the fat catching fire. An excellent choice for cooking anything wrapped in bacon or when you want versatilityo with control.

LOW TEMPERATURE (80-125°C / 176-257°F)

This range is used for slowm kepto the imui, to emailto highlight smokeo taste or keeping food warm. Provided by more smokeo more flavour and fromstored at meatthe dish sultingą baking for longer at a lower temperature (slow baking at low temperature - low and slow). Highly recommended for large Christmas turkey, juicym pork hamui at Easter or for the next important celebrateei. Smoking is a variation of real barbecue and is in fact the main form of smokingyklos the main advantage of smoking. There are two types of smoking: hot smoking and cold smoking.

Hot Smoking otherwise known as low and slow slow cooking lowje at low temperatures, usually used 80-125°C / 176-257°Fa. Hot smoking is best is best suited forwhen longer cooking times are required, for example for largeems cuts of meat, fish or poultryfor.

Cold smoking is when the food is so far from the fire that it smokessi without baking only 15-32°C / 60-90°F temperature.

TIP: nto enhance the savoury smoke flavour by adding food from time to timeo smoker switch to Smoke (low) temperature function. This allowss the smoke to penetrate see more at into the meat until the meat pores atcloseors on reaching 49°C / 120°Fą.

The most important thing is provide timeo in the meantime, when there will be smoking - baking at the beginning or before finishing frying or smoking all the time, e.g. smoking fish. Kor sometimes Chefs Prefer pasmokeand only baking at the end, at the same time food remains warm for that moment, ks will be paavailable at served. Only by experimentation is born. tomasterpieces!



  • Manufacturer: PIT BOSS
  • Country of origin: USA
  • Model: PB850G
  • Dimensions: 1472 x 1195 x 940 mm 
  • Weight: 74.5 kg
  • Wood pellet fuel. Easy to set up. Almost no ash left
  • Fuel hopper capacity: 12 kg
  • Fuel consumption: 2 KG/H
  • Automatic ignition, temperature control and pellet feeding into the combustion chamber
  • Up to 24 hours of continuous operation
  • Temperature range: OFF-SMOKE-95°C-110°C-120°C-150°C-175°C-105°C-230°C-245°C-HIGH
  • For control and fire suppression, power supply with earthing: 220-240V, 50HZ, 250W
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