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NAPOLEON Prestige Pro 665 gas grill (natural gas), steel

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NAPOLEON Prestige Pro 665 gas grill (natural gas), steel

Regular price 4,159.00 €
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The grill that will slowly transform your home kitchen: grill a gourmet steak at 800 degrees, roast and sear chicken or ribs on a rotating spit and add a natural smoky flavour to your meal if you like.

The NAPOLEON Prestige Pro 665RSIBNSS-3 gas grill has 5 main and 3 secondary burners, Wave stainless steel main cooking grates and a huge cooking area - enough to hold up to a large number of steaks at once 21 baking trays or even 41 burger patties!

The NAPOLEON Prestige Pro 665RSIBPSS-3 gas grill has a built-in model that can be integrated into outdoor kitchen furniture. Natural gas models are also available.

New: Stylish evening access lighting in front of the grill!

New: The colour and brightness of the SAFETY GLOW control knobs for the NIGHT LIGHT evening LED lighting can be changed!

New: Additional burner with integrated Smoker Tray - a special drawer operated by a separate burner. The Smoker Tray is a special special unit with a separate Smoker Tray that can be used to hold the chips for extra easy smoke extraction. Smoking will be a breeze! 

New: Rotisserie kit and electric motor included!

New: Only suitable for natural gas connection!


  • Manufacturer: Napoleon
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Code: PRO665RSIBNSS-3
  • Fuel: Suitable for natural gas connection only
  • Height with lid down / up: 130 / 145 cm
  • Width: 195 cm
  • Depth: 65 cm
  • Gas grill NAPOLEON Prestige Pro 665RSIBNSS-3 weighs 150 kg.
  • NAPOLEON Prestige Pro 665 gas grillRSIBNSS-3 has 5 main burners + 3 auxiliary burners | 31 kW.
  • One of the additional burners is a Sizzle Zone infrared side burner with a cast iron grill with a surface area of 24 x 37 cm. "The Sizzle Zone burner is most suitable for searing gourmet steaks, with a heat of over 800 degrees.
  • There is an infrared horizontal stainless steel Rotisserie burner - complete with rotating spit. The horizontal burner ensures that chicken, ribs or other larger items cook evenly and slowly, while the horizontal burner browns and crisps. "The Rotisserie burner is equipped with a weight balancing system to even out the weight of unevenly fed products.
  • The third additional burner with integrated Smoker Tray is a special smoke generator controlled by a separate burner, which will give your food a distinctive smoky aroma.
  • NAPOLEON Prestige Pro 665 gas grillRSIBNSS-3 has a 9,5 mm thick, stainless steel Wave main cooking grate with a cooking surface of 94 x 46 cm. It can hold 21 burgers or even 41 burger patties at a time!
  • "The Lift Ease lid mechanism ensures gentle lid adjustment and the lid itself is designed to save space when opened.
  • "Night Light knob illumination with Safety Glow function. The knobs glow in the dark and have additional LED indicators to let you know when the gas flow is on or off.
  • New is the fact that can be changed "NIGHT LIGHT has new colour and brightness control knobs for evening LED lighting and a new stylish front access light!
  • NAPOLEON Prestige Pro 665 gas grillRSIBNSS-3 has integrated Interior Lights. You can grill in pitch darkness too - this light is built under the lid and illuminates the cooking grates.
  • "The Accu-Probe temperature sensor has marked scales: it's easy to keep track of the temperature of the food you're grilling and smoking.
  • The stainless steel plate system protects the burners from dripping grease and fire hazards.
  • Jet Fire ignition system in operation.
  • NAPOLEON Prestige Pro 665 gas grillRSIBNSS-3 has a model that can be integrated into the furniture. It will be useful for those who are planning an original and distinctive outdoor kitchen.
  • Natural gas models are also available.
  • Soft-closing cabinet doors.
  • Integrated ice cream tray.


NAPOLEON Prestige / Prestige pro series grills (including built-in grills) are covered by a limited lifetime warranty when used as intended.

The following parts are covered by a lifetime warranty:
Aluminium alloy / stainless steel profiles;
Stainless steel cover;
Porcelain enamel lid;
Stainless steel cooking grates;

10-year warranty on the following parts:
Stainless steel gas burners;
Porcelain enamel-coated cast iron cooking grates;

5-year warranty on the following parts:
Stainless steel gas burner guard plates;
Stainless steel horizontal infrared burner;
Ceramic infrared burner (excluding screen grid);

If you need to buy any part of the NAPOLEON grill (with 10 and 5 year warranty) we offer a 50% discount.

All other parts not mentioned are covered by a 2-year warranty (excluding power cells and light bulbs).

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