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COBB BBQ Kit, for Premier models

SKU: 2958
Regular price 45.00 €
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COBB BBQ Kit, for Premier models

SKU: 2958
Regular price 45.00 €
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With this BBQ Kit, you can grill your favourite steaks or vegetables in your COBB Premier grill just like in a barbecue. The BBQ Kit allows you to enjoy direct cooking.

The BBQ Kit consists of 2 parts: a charcoal tray, which is much wider than standard, and a grill for direct grilling.

The kit will fit all round COBB grill models.


    • Manufacturer: COBB International
    • Country of origin.
    • Code: 2958
    • Material: stainless steel
    • The shape of the grill is chosen so that some of the fat and juices released during cooking run down the sides of the grill and down into the inner bowl of the COBB. Enjoy healthier food!!
    • Up to 12 pieces of pressed briquettes can be placed in the fuel bowl.
    • Never cover the lid when grilling.
    • Make sure there are always rubber gaskets between the inner bowl and the plastic ring.
    • It is advisable to spray oil on the stainless steel grill before frying.
    • A wider spit is useful for more heat in the grill or, with the rotisserie system, for a wider heat source area
    • Do not leave the grill to continue to heat up after cooking is complete.
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