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Ceramic chef's knife Santoku Kyocera, 14 cm

by Kyocera
SKU: FK-140 WH- BK
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Ceramic chef's knife Santoku Kyocera, 14 cm

by Kyocera
SKU: FK-140 WH- BK
Regular price 69.90 €
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Japanese ceramic chef's knife Santoku

What is a santoku knife used for?

Santoku is Japanese for "three values", in other words this knife is used for cutting meat, fish and vegetables. This knife is the Japanese equivalent of the chef's knife we are used to.

The ceramic blade effortlessly cuts through any food. Thanks to its smooth surface, Kyocera knives are also more hygienic, corrosion-resistant and do not give off any unwanted odour or metal ionisation when preparing products rich in acids, juices, salts or aromatic substances (e.g. lemon, ginger etc.). These properties make ceramic knives particularly appreciated by the proponents of uncooked 'raw food'.

Kyocera ceramics - created by nature, refined by science. The raw material for ceramics, like diamonds and sapphires, is created by nature through millennia of crystallisation, extreme temperatures and enormous pressure. The result of these processes is a pure, dense, strong material, more than 50% stronger than steel and close in strength to diamond.

Long-lasting and corrosion-resistant, ceramic parts are often used in surgery as bone substitutes. These ceramics are also used in space satellites, racing car braking systems and other applications where extreme wear resistance is required. When metal can no longer withstand the stresses, ceramics are the choice.

KYOCERA ceramic knives are the knives of choice for skilled chefs and amateur cooks around the world 

You'll immediately feel the difference when you pick up a KYOCERA ceramic knife. The special feeling - incredibly lightweight, yet fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. The blade is razor-sharp. But only after you've tried the knife will you experience the benefits of ceramic. Imagine thin, almost transparent, slices. Only a knife that stays sharp for a long time can do that. KYOCERA was the first to produce a ceramic knife and remains the best known brand in this segment.



  • Blade - 14 cm, white zirconia ceramic
  • Handle - black plastic
  • HRC 71
  • Manufacturer- Kyocera

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