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ZYLE BBQ Tool Set, suitcase, 6 pcs.

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ZYLE BBQ Tool Set, suitcase, 6 pcs.

Regular price 95.00 €
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The BBQ tool set in a handy carrying case is an indispensable tool for grilling steaks. In this set you will find all the tools without which cooking on the grill is simply unthinkable.

The set contains 6 tools: spatula, fork, A grill cleaning brush, brush, knife, tongs will help you conveniently, quickly and easily flip, scoop, pinch, slice or even serve a wide variety of grilled dishes. The tools have a modern design, made of stainless steel, with ergonomic handles with loops at the end for gripping.

The tools are packed in an easy-to-open, original case with adhesive velcro straps to secure each tool and for easy removal. The case has a sturdy handle and secure locks.

The stainless steel 6-tool set in a suitcase is a versatile and practical gift for every griller. 


    • Manufacturer.
    • ZYLE Code: ZY101SET
    • Suitcase dimensions: 47 x 20 x 8 cm.
    • Tool material: sturdy, stainless steel
    • The tools in the set are heat-resistant up to 120°C and feature non-slip, rubberised handles.
    • Tool length: 45 cm
    • Table for grill. The grill has holes in its plane for draining fat and juices. Useful when grilling burger patties, vegetables or fish.
    • Fork: Use to lift larger steaks or to hold them while slicing.
    • Grill cleaning brush. This is an integral part of cooking on the grill. The grill grates of any barbecue are cleaned by burning and scrubbing with a brush. A handy, sturdy brush is a must-have tool.
    • Brush. A long handle - especially handy for glazing baked goods on the grill without burning your hand and fingers.
    • Knife. An indispensable part of cooking not only on the grill.
    • Tongs for food. The tongs will help you to prepare your meals on the grill. It is the basic tool of the grill.


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