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NAPOLEON 3-in-1 rib, chicken and meat grates

SKU: 56019
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NAPOLEON 3-in-1 rib, chicken and meat grates

SKU: 56019
Regular price 40.00 €
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No Reviews
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These stainless steel NAPOLEON grills can even perform 3 different functions. You can use them for more than just cooking ribs. Flip the grates over and you can cook large cuts of meat perfectly, or put a beer can in and you have a chicken rack. 

Cooking larger cuts of meat in this way is much more convenient than on the grill: the meat doesn't burn, it cooks more evenly and the smoke covers the entire surface area.

When you grill a chicken or duck on a roasting tray, the result will be spectacular: the meat will be unmistakably juicy and tasty, and the skin will be crisp and evenly browned. All you have to do is add your favourite juices, garlic or herbs to the tin. The stand also makes lifting the roasted poultry extremely easy: the hen will stand steady and the gloves will stay clean and dry.

We recommend placing a fat container with the grill (code 62008), which will prevent the fat and meat juices from escaping inside the grill. Adding water or juices to the pan will add extra flavour and juiciness to the grilled food. 

These multifunctional NAPOLEON grates are dishwasher safe for easy maintenance. 


  • Manufacturer.
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Code: 56019
  • Can be used as a rib rack, chicken rack or meat grate
  • Holds 4 strips of ribs
  • Material: high grade stainless steel
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Dimensions: 35,5 x 29,8 x 12,7 cm
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