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Pellet grill WEBER Smokefire EX4, generation 2

SKU: 22511004
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Pellet grill WEBER Smokefire EX4, generation 2

SKU: 22511004
Regular price 1,699.99 €
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Introducing the latest and most advanced pellet grill from global giant WEBER - the Smokefire EX4. It is designed for people who are interested in spending little time on the set-up and cooking processes, rather than wanting a perfect result every time. We recommend this grill to those who want to have both a grill and a smoker in one. After all, it has a temperature range of 90-315°C and works by burning and smoking wood pellets.

Pellet grills are gaining a growing share of the global market. They are gaining ground among amateurs and professionals in America, Europe and other continents. There is a reason why the share of these grills is growing so fast: pellet grills combine the advantages of gas, electric and charcoal grills. Like gas and electric grills, they have a large cooking area and reach the desired operating temperature much faster.

One of the most important advantages of the WEBER Smokefire EX4 grill is the temperature control. It's very simple: just set the desired internal temperature and the integrated smart grill system does the rest.

There's no need to adjust the heat or the air flow during grilling, the temperature will be constant. The Weber Connect smart system also helps you: you can connect food thermometers to the grill and see all the information on the grill's display and on your mobile phone. You can work on your job even away from the grill, and when you're done, you'll be able to enjoy a flawless result without any hassle! 

Just like a kamado or any other charcoal grill, the WEBER Smokefire allows you to smoke your food conveniently: the principle of operation is burning wood pellets. They not only provide heat, but also smoke. You can even adjust the amount of smoke you want throughout the cooking process.

Enjoy super simple cooking of a wide variety of dishes and perfect results every time! 



  • Manufacturer: Weber-stephen nordic
  • Country of origin: USA
  • Full name of official name: SMOKEFIRE EX4 GBS WOOD FIRED PELLET GRILL 2 Gen (Second Generation) /  22511004 
  • Code: 22511004
  • Dimensions (with lid closed): 119 x 109 x 84 mm
  • Dimensions (with lid open): 157 x 109 x 84 mm 
  • Size of main (lower) grille: 61 x 45 cm (2'745
  • Size of the second floor grille: 61 x 25 cm (1'525
  • Material of both grilles: stainless steel
  • Main grill grate - with GBS system (Gourmet Barbecue System). This is a specially designed round, removable part of the standard size grill. Once removed, you can insert a kettle, frying pan or any other utensil suitable for the GBS system. 
  • The grill is powered by a DC motor. It can generate both the low temperature required for smoking and a constant high temperature. 
  • It has an integrated intelligent temperature control system.
  • The grill can connect 4 thermometer needles at the same time. 
  • Includes 1 food thermometer needle with metal cord. 
  • Control display - LCD.
  • Surface material: porcelain enamel. It is much better than conventional heat-resistant paints at retaining heat and protecting against rust and environmental influences in all seasons. 
  • Weight: 70.3 kg
  • Side shelf: 1; made of stainless steel
  • Tool hooks: 2; the wide handle on the side of the grill can also be used to hang tools
  • Castors: 4, rotating in all directions. 2 of them with brakes.
  • The temperature range of 90-315°C allows you to both prepare low & low dishes (long cooking and smoking at low temperatures) and effortlessly cook perfect steaks. 
  • Power: 85 W
  • Wood pellet heating. Easy to set up. Almost no ash left
  • Fuel hopper capacity: 10 kg
  • Fuel consumption: 2,10 Kg/h at 315°C
  • The exclusive easy-clean system directs grease and ash into a pull-out drawer. Cleaning the grill and grease with this system is much easier than with other pellet grills (where the grease is collected in an often extremely greasy, hard-to-clean bucket)


A limited 5-year warranty is available on all parts of the WEBER Smokefire EX4 pellet grill, except those listed below:

Electrical components - 3 year warranty

Grill grate, pellet hopper, combustion vessel, heat suppression parts, control screen - 3 year warranty

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