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Pellet smoker TRAEGER PRO 22 Blue (Gen 1)

by Traeger
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Pellet smoker TRAEGER PRO 22 Blue (Gen 1)

by Traeger
Regular price 899.00 € 699.00 € -22%
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Pellet smokers (EN. - Pellet) Pellet smokers are seen by many barbecue experts as the future of barbecue culture. The market share of this type of grill is growing rapidly and TRAEGER, its inventor, has been among the TOP 5 global manufacturers for years. 

TRAEGER PRO 22 (Gen 1) is the perfect model for those who want to get acquainted with pellet grills or have limited space on their terrace.

 The PRO 22 grill is perfect for family dinners or small BBQ parties - it can accommodate 4 hens, 5 rib strips or 24 burger patties. 

The wood pellet grill allows you to smoke your food as well as cook it. And the grill will maintain the smoke level and temperature you set.

Enjoy the benefits of pellet smokers with the PRO 22

Pellet smokers are unique: they give your food the same taste as food cooked over coals or in a wood-burning oven. Only in this case, cooking is much more convenient and tidy. You won't have to wait for the wood to burn, you won't have an open flame, and you'll be cooking as soon as the grill is switched on.

This The grill automatically maintains the internal temperature you set at all times regardless of outside temperature, wind and other environmental conditions ("Set it & forget it"). In addition, if the lid is opened and some of the heat is lost, the intelligent fuel combustion system TurboTemp® automatically increases the internal heat for a short time. 

With TRAEGER PRO 22, you'll reach a high temperature of 232 °C. The indirect heating system allows you to avoid worrying about fat burning, which often forces grillers to extinguish the open flame when cooking.

Digital Pro® Controller - for easy control of the grill 

The PRO 22 pellet grill has Digital Pro® control, which allows you to set several standard temperature settings commonly used by grillers: Smoke, High, 82, 107, 121, 135, 148, 162, 176 and 190 °C.

A rotary dial and a display that clearly shows all the information about the temperature of the grill and the meat - everything you need for smooth cooking with a pellet grill.

And that's not all the advantages of the TRAEGER Pro 22

The grill even has 2 meat temperature probes, which allow you to monitor the internal temperature of pork, chicken or other meats conveniently.

The PRO 22 has a durable and easy to maintain porcelain-coated grill. They are arranged in two tiers on the grill, giving a total cooking area of 3'690 cm2.

Thanks to the indirect heating method on which the pellet grill is based, the fat will not ignite even at a maximum temperature of 232°C °C. This design allows you to safely cook even extremely high-fat dishes such as duck breast. The fat drains through a special opening on the side of the grill into a bucket on the outside for collection. 

The grill is equipped with large wheels, so you'll have no problem transporting it to any convenient location in your backyard. There is also a handle on the side that allows you to comfortably lift the grill legs and carry it on the castors.

The pellet hopper with a capacity of kg of pellets ensures that you can grill for a long time with a single filling of pellets, without having to refill your pellets every time. If you want to try a different variety but haven't finished the previous one, you can pour the pellets into the StayDry pellets in the pellets box through the special opening and replace the old ones with new ones.

When the tray is filled to its maximum capacity, the pellets will last approximately 20h for grilling or 40h for smoking.


TRAEGER is the world's second most popular grill manufacturer and the inventor of pellet grills. The first model was launched in the USA back in 1985 and became a sensation. Today, pellet grills are the fastest growing type of grill in terms of sales worldwide.

TRAGER's range also includes their wood pellets, which have been perfected over the years and are free of any impurities. Their structure, density, moisture content and length have been selected to give you the perfect burn and the maximum amount of smoke generated with your TRAEGER grill. The wide selection of pellets will allow you to surprise yourself and your guests with a variety of great tasting dishes.


  • Manufacturer.
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Product Code: TFB57PUBE
  • Model: PRO 22 (1st generation)
  • Dimensions of the assembled grill 124,5 x 104 x 68,6 cm
  • Cooking area: 3'690 sq.cm (adding the area of the grill on the first and second floor)
  • Maximum temperature: 75 - 232 °C 
  • Digital Pro controller
  • Innovative pellet combustion system
  • Grates: steel, porcelain coated. This is an extremely easy-to-clean coating
  • Included: 2 food thermometers (needles) connected by cable to the control panel. Made of stainless steel.
  • Housing: paint-coated steel.
  • Colour: cover dark blue, body black
  • Hole and bucket for draining grease
  • Sturdy castors for a wide range of terrain
  • Wide handle for easy transport
  • 8 kg pellet hopper capacity
  • Weight: 47 kg
  • Takes 30-60 minutes to assemble



TRAEGER grill/smokers are covered by a limited 3-year warranty when used for their intended purpose.

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