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WEBER Genesis II EX-335 gas grill with GBS, additional burner and side stove, black

SKU: 61016769
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WEBER Genesis II EX-335 gas grill with GBS, additional burner and side stove, black

SKU: 61016769
Regular price 1,889.00 €
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Enjoy a drink and relax, because your mobile phone has all the information about what's happening on your WEBER Genesis grill. Via WiFi connection on your phone connected to the grill, you will also see recipes, tips, the elapsed and predicted cooking time, the internal temperature of the meat and the grill or even the amount of fuel left in the grill via a special app. 

In addition to the main, powerful 3 burners, this model has integrated "Sear Station. This is a special zone activated by a separate burner. Without wasting time, you can have an ultra-high temperature zone in your grill for cooking steaks or pizzas.

One of the side shelves has an integrated gas burner. Cook rice, potatoes, heat up sauces and boil water.

The WEBER Genesis II EX-335 gas grill's integrated smart grilling technology will guarantee a perfect cooking result every time. You will be able to:

  • see the actual internal temperature of the food you are cooking
  • see the predicted time until the end of cooking
  • receive notifications when the grilled dish reaches the baking level/temperature
  • the app will suggest the optimum grill and internal temperature for the perfect result
  • conveniently see the fuel balance and receive notifications if it is low
  • 3 burners allow you to have both direct and indirect heat on your grill

The WEBER Genesis II EX-335 grill has a 68 x 48 cm cooking surface, a food warming rack, 3 high performance burners, a GBS system and a high quality ignition system. All this to ensure that the grilling experience is enjoyable and the process goes like clockwork.


  • Manufacturer: Weber-stephen nordic
  • Country of origin: USA
  • Fuel: gas
  • The WEBER Genesis II EX-335 gas grill is black.
  • Dimensions ( height x width x depth, cm)
    • with lid open: 158 x 145 x 79
    • with lid closed: 120 x 145 x 74
  • Baking surface: 68 x 48 cm.
  • Baking area: 
    • 3'310 sq. cm.
    • Total - 4'316 sq. cm.
  • 3 main burners + "Sear station" + side stove. 
    • 3 burner capacity: 39'000 BTU
    • "Sear station Power output: 2,6 kW
    • Side cooker: 3,5 kW
  • How are 3 burners better? The whole cooking area will heat evenly and you can grill indirectly if you wish. For indirect cooking, leave one or both of the edge burners on and grill the food over the one that is not on.
  • Side cooker - with a lid to protect it from the elements. Once covered, you can use it as a shelf.
  • WEBER Genesis II EX-335 gas grill - with the innovative GS4 system, which ensures the quality and sophistication of the gas grill
    • The burners burn along their entire length, ensuring an even temperature throughout the entire grilling area. The gas combustion control is extremely precise.
    • Infinity Ignition"The Ignition Ignition system ensures that the WEBER Genesis II EX-315 gas grill will always ignite effortlessly, first time, in all weather conditions.
    • Aromatic and protectiveFlavorizer Bars plates are made of stainless steel. They are angled to collect all dripping, running fat and juices. The heat evaporates some of the fat, giving the food a delicious smoky aroma. The fat drains into a fat collection tray. 
  • The grill has an integrated display and a meat thermometer for monitoring the food being cooked. You can monitor the temperature online with your mobile phone via WiFi.
  • The fuel balance is displayed both on the grill screen and in an app on your mobile phone
  • The cast-iron cooking grates are coated with porcelain enamel. These grates heat up and retain heat well, distributing heat evenly. Thanks to these specially selected materials, the food cooks evenly in any place on the grill.
  • The grilles are designed to accommodate the GBS accessories: kazan, chicken rack, pizza stone, etc. The GBS system is a special form of grill which provides for a removable round part.
  • There is a folding warming shelf
  • Stainless steel side shelves for spices, utensils, crockery.
  • The porcelain enamelled lid is much more resistant to scratches and environmental influences.
  • The lid is equipped with a high-quality thermometer.
  • LED-lit knobs for adjusting the grill's firing
  • Illuminated lid handle for comfortable grilling in the dark. 
  • Welded frame with robust construction.
  • Frame and shelves finished in black paint.
  • The WEBER Genesis II EX-335 gas grill has four castors and is mobile. 2 castors have brakes.
  • 2 hooks for tools
  • Gas cylinder mounted on the side. 


    All parts of the WEBER Genesis II series are covered by a 10-year warranty, excluding normal wear and tear or misuse of the grill.

    Electrical parts are warranted for 3 years, excluding normal wear and tear and misuse. 

    More about the warranty (in EN) here.

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