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COBB Recipe Book "Anywhere BUT The Kitchen"

SKU: 9388
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COBB Recipe Book "Anywhere BUT The Kitchen"

SKU: 9388
Regular price 25.00 €
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The COBB Anywhere BUT The Kitchen recipe book has been created to inspire you for delicious trips around the world. Discover new flavour combinations, new ingredients, and adapt them to your usual dishes. You don't have to go far, especially when your options are limited. So you can take a recipe and use it to travel to faraway Asia, to the Australian desert, or to a balcony in Thailand to enjoy the panoramic view.

This book is proof that the COBB Travel Grill can be used to cook a wide variety of dishes from all over the world. And of course, it's quick, easy and very convenient no matter where you are: by the river, by the seaside, in the forest, in the park or even on the balcony of your apartment building.

The COBB book will be useful for everyone: beginners and experienced COBB grill owners alike. The beginning of the book introduces the grill itself, explains what it is for and how to make the best use of each attachment/plane. 

Each recipe is described in a very step-by-step manner: you will find the number of portions, the cooking time, the listed cooking time and the number of coals. Ingredient quantities are listed for both those using homemade scales and those measuring with spoons, teaspoons or cups. 

One of the biggest advantages: the ingredients are everyday, easy to find in almost every shop. If an unusual ingredient is used in a recipe (e.g. in Asian cuisine), it is written next to the most common, most frequently used one, and can be easily replaced.

Vegetarians and those who are not keen on a wide variety of meats or seafood will find favourite recipes and inspiration. And of course, little eaters and foodies alike will not be forgotten. 

Some of the recipes come with QR codes. Scan them to read more about the products and see the cooking process.

As soon as it was launched, this COBB recipe book received a lot of great feedback, not only from COBB grill owners. 


  • Manufacturer: COBB International
  • Product Code: 9388
  • Texts: English
  • Format: 21 x 27 cm (almost A4)
  • Hardcover
  • Number of pages: 156
  • Print run: 3'000 units (worldwide)
  • Recipes, styling: Anke Roux
  • Photos: Craig Fraser
  • Texts: Jazz Kuschke
  • Printed by: PAR 
  • ISBN: 978-1-928429-38-8
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