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Cast iron burger pan SANTOS Burger Devil

SKU: 899478
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Cast iron burger pan SANTOS Burger Devil

SKU: 899478
Regular price 29.00 €
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A unique cast iron product, one of the bestsellers in Germany. It makes burger patties or omelettes incomparably juicy, aromatic and delicious!

Just like many other grill dishes or grill enhancements, Burger Devil twas also developed in America. In this case, in the heart of it, New York. After all, nothing gets a burger lover's heart pumping like good meat, quality cheese and a tasty bun!

Burger lovers know there's more than one way to bake a delicious meat patty, but there's probably no more ideal way to do it with Burger Devilthere is no better way! The burger is cooked between two cast-iron skillets connected by a hinge. Cast iron has been appreciated for many years for its exceptional ability to hold and evenly distribute heat. 

The meat will cook much faster and more evenly in the pan than on the grill. Plus, you won't even have to flip! The spikes on one side not only help to distribute the heat, but also come in handy for melting the cheese: the dimples will allow more melting cheese to accumulate. The meat patty will be juicier, more flavourful and tastier than ever!

The pans have small openings on the sides so that when you want a deliciously browned meat patty, you can pour out the meat juices and excess moisture through them. 


    • Manufacturer: SANTOS Grills
    • Country of Origin.
    • Code: 899478
    • Size of closed pan: 17,5 x 13,5 x 3,8 cm
    • Baking area: ø 12cm
    • Material: cast iron
    • Thanks to the special properties of cast iron, the heat is distributed evenly throughout the body of the pan, so that the burgers cook evenly and evenly
    • You can also use the pan to cook omelettes
    • Warm water is sufficient for cleaning. The best way to clean burnt food residues is with a metal brush. The care of cast iron is no different from that of other cast iron products: after baking, it should be cleaned, drained and brushed with high-temperature vegetable oil or a special paste for cast iron cookware. 
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