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Welcome to the world of Kamado Joe grills - a place where every cook can find their ideal cooking tool! Our various grill models give you the opportunity to experience authentic outdoor cooking fun, whatever your level of experience or needs.

Discover our most popular models:

  • Kamado Joe Classic III: A new generation of tradition, with excellence influenced by advanced technology and impeccable design.
  • Kamado Joe Big Joe III: The biggest and most powerful grill model that gives you everything you need for cooking cheekiness and ideas.
  • Kamado Joe Konnected Joe: A portable and lightweight grill model that's perfect for enjoying the authentic taste of ceramic barbecue anywhere, anytime.

What makes Kamado Joe special?

  1. Multi-layer construction: Kamado Joe grills are known for their multi-layer construction, which ensures durability, heat retention and efficient cooking.
  2. Controlled Temperature: These grills are designed to allow easy control of the temperature at which food is cooked, giving cooks a greater degree of control and the ability to create a variety of flavours.
  3. High Quality Materials: Kamado Joe uses only high quality materials such as ceramic and stainless steel, ensuring long-lasting use and reliability.
  4. Modular Design: Many Kamado Joe models have a modular design, allowing you to add accessories and accessory kits such as smokers, grill boards, etc. to expand the grill's capabilities.
  5. Mobility: While Kamado Joe grills are large and powerful, they are also portable enough to be easily moved from place to place, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of outdoor cooking wherever you are.
  6. Warranty and Support: Kamado Joe provides a long-term warranty on its grills and also offers excellent customer service and support to ensure your convenience and satisfaction.

Why choose Kamado Joe Grills?

  • Top Quality Materials: Every one of our grills is made from the highest quality materials to ensure durability and reliability.
  • Innovative Technology: Our grills feature advanced technologies that allow you to enjoy great cooking results every time.
  • A wide choice of models: We offer a variety of grill types, including Kamado Joe Classic III, Big Joe III and Kettle Joe, so you can find the perfect option for your cooking needs.

Customers who have already tried Kamado Joe say :

John K.
Verified review

Since I purchased the Kamado Joe Classic III, my outdoor cooking experience has been simply incredible! I never thought food could be so delicious until I started using this grill.

Tom G.
Verified review

The Big Joe III is just great! It has so much room that I can grill everything from steaks to a whole pork chop, and everything always looks and tastes and looks perfect!

Anglinis grilis WEBER Summit Kamado E6, su GBS sistema, Ø 61 cm
Greta K.
Verified review

My Kamado Joe grill is not only a great grilling tool, but also a beauty in my backyard! Every time I have guests over, they admire not only the food but also the look of my grill.

Mantas L.
Verified review

I don't know how I lived without a Kamado Joe grill! Not only does it allow me to create great meals, but it also helps me create memorable moments with family and friends outdoors. I definitely recommend it!

Carol P.
Verified review

The accessories that are sold with Kamado Joe grills are a real life stream! Now I have everything I need to make my culinary dreams come true, from smoke liquids to special steak boards.

Grilio šepetys WEBER, 46 cm
Linas G.
Verified review

My Kamado Joe Big Joe III is becoming a real outdoor kitchen hub! This grill is so powerful and efficient that I can cook everything from steaks to pizza. I can't imagine a time when I won't be using this grill!