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Probably all Lithuanians are experts in basketball and shish kebab cooking.

So a few questions for you:

  • Do you want your friends to remember your fantastic shish kebabs after the party and praise you as the best cook for a long time? 
  • Maybe you want to know how to make the most delicious burgers or bone-in ribs? 
  • Tired of grilling just meat? Do you want to know how to cook fish, poultry, vegetables or even desserts perfectly?
  • Want to improve? Learn how to glaze, bake, smoke? 
  • Bought a grill and it's more intimidating than attractive? Not sure where to start?
  • Do you sometimes think that the barbecue in your backyard is becoming more and more of a space-consuming object than a fun and useful pastime?
  • Do you have a lot of questions that you don't know who to ask, and is it too time-consuming to search for answers online? 

If you answered "Yes" to at least one of these questions, we invite you to the Griliai.lt Academy course!

You will be taught by the best grillers of 2015. Nerijus Ižganaitis ("BBQ Legionas") is the winner and laureate of many Lithuanian championships and competitions, a regular participant of the European and World BBQ Championships. During more than 12 years of working with grills, Nerijus has worked with different types of grills from different manufacturers. Ižganaitis jokes that the amount of food he grills a year should be counted in thousands of kilograms, not in portions. It is not for nothing that Nerijus is one of the most titled and experienced grill masters in Lithuania.

You can be sure that during the course you will hear the right answers to all your questions, learn special recipes and preparation methods, learn how to cook a variety of delicious dishes and make 100% use of your grill. In good weather, the course will be held outside in an enclosed area on the lawn, and indoors in bad weather.

We promise you a fun and rewarding time in a relaxed environment!