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THÜROS grills

THUROS grills are made exclusively from stainless steel and are characterised by their exceptional quality, reliability and durability - and it's not for nothing that the manufacturer boldly and confidently offers a 25-year warranty.

All THUROS grills with their modern design are designed to make both the cooking process and the result enjoyable. All of the company's products are designed for the conscious and creative grill lover who enjoys grilling and serving delicious, applause-worthy food!

THUROS grills come in many different types: charcoal grills, gas grills, electric grills, smokers, but it is the stainless steel construction that makes them the most appreciated grill. It lasts for many years and is therefore a really good investment for barbecue enthusiasts or professionals.

THUROS charcoal grills are ready for use in about half an hour - once the coals are hot, you can cook up some exceptionally flavoursome dishes. Whereas gas or electric THUROS grills are ready to use in around ten minutes - the advantage of an electric grill is that it can be used anywhere there is electricity - tease your neighbours with wonderful aromas right from the balcony of your apartment block! THUROS electric grills are also easy to clean and the food is cooked just as well!

For smoked food lovers, smokers come in handy: THUROS smokers smoke food with hot smoke, which always leaves a mild taste. Those who prefer exotic flavours can also try aromatic wood chips.

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