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"The NATURE of barbecuing brand was born out of a love for barbecue culture. How can you enjoy the grilling process and not waste time with unsuccessful barbecue burns? The NATURE brand has the answer: it's all about choosing the right tools!

The NATURE range consists of environmentally friendly tanning products, tools: briquettes, various tanning pads, charcoal, torches, tongs, spatulas and more. All NATURE tools are made to make grilling really easy for even the least experienced enthusiast.

Why do we say NATURE products are made with love? The famous pressed coconut charcoal briquettes and other products are free of additives or chemicals, and do not harm nature, animals or the environment, but this does not detract from their qualities. For example, the briquettes are made to burn much longer than conventional briquettes, and maintain a high, consistent temperature over time - grilled food will always cook evenly without losing its juiciness!

If you still doubt that these briquettes are worth considering, here are the results of a Danish study. Danish barbecue experts decided to test the top 6 barbecue briquettes on the market and decide which ones are still the best quality. The study tried to find out which briquettes keep the heat for the longest time and which ones don't disappoint when you want to grill for more than two hours. Naturally, NATURE coconut charcoal briquettes were the winner! They maintain a high and constant temperature for about four hours, emit significantly less smoke and, above all, are environmentally friendly. These briquettes are made from 100% natural coconut shells.

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