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For those looking for unique fire pits, we offer MARSHALL handmade fire pits. Elegant, stylish, metallic MARSHALL grills are the perfect choice for long family evenings when you want roasted marshmallows, hot sausages, the warmth of a fire and the crackle of a fire!

MARSHALL grills are a spectacular sight. In the dark, the flames bring out every authentic carving, while the far-reaching shadows and the play of the flame's light are mesmerising - it looks spectacular!

Spectacular MARSHALL handmade fire pit in the FOREST is like a stylish globe for your homestead, available in one metre diameter and black. It creates not only a spectacular sight, but also an impression of solidity, solidity and home security. It will decorate your yard, illuminate the edge of a pond, the top of a hill or a hillside, and make long nights out with family and friends even more cosy, warm or even romantic.

Elegant, handmade MARSHALL grills PHOENIX are stylish one-metre diameter additions to your farmhouse, available in black or corten. MARSHALL grills give the impression of sturdiness, solidity and home security. They also guarantee long nights with family or friends, provide warmth and cosy lighting, and allow you to cook sausages or vegetable skewers on long spits.

All MARSHALL grills are also long-lasting and durable - once you buy one, you won't need a second. These are authentic and functional fire pits to which customers demand high standards, which is why the MARSHALL brand has been offering only the highest quality products for many years

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