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A few decades ago, in 1981, David Hobbs, a British designer based in Germany with a keen interest in French antiques, founded HOBBS GERMANY, a brand of uniquely-designed furniture that brings a distinctly tasteful vintage and antique touch to a wide range of home interiors.

Three years ago, David Hobs created the Bordeaux wine furniture collection, which is still his favourite. The design and name of this collection is inspired by the spirit of old French wineries and vineyards, and in particular by the charming Bordeaux region of France.

HOBBS GERMANY Bordeaux's high-quality, heavy-gauge steel furniture - wine racks, cabinets, cupboards, kitchen islands - are made from recycled, authentic 10-15 year old wine crates, brought directly from the Bordeaux region, and embossed with the logos of some of the most renowned wine brands of the time.

However, HOBBS GERMANY furniture finishes vary and are never identical: although the waxed surface of the worktops is smooth and complete, the shades, the wood grain or the logos stamped on the drawers may vary.

HOBBS GERMANY furniture with wooden or Italian granite tops, unique drawers and durable construction has graced the interior of many a German restaurant, wine shop, hotel or private home - and it's no coincidence that the Bordeaux collection has been awarded the Best Design Award.

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