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Fireplaces Bring families and groups of friends together in the evenings around a common fire, the warmth of a campfire and a delicious meal: when you want hot sausages, fried marshmallows, vegetable skewers or potatoes wrapped in foil! Fireplaces are fired with wood or charcoal, so any food is cooked with a special smoky aroma. It is true that these bonfires takes about half an hour to set up, but the unique taste of the dishes cooked at a very high temperature makes up for this waste.

Fire pits - are ornate, elegant, exclusive details of the homestead, works of art that impress not only with their sophisticated carvings, but also with their functionality and practicality. Handmade metal fire pits are durable and once you buy one, you won't need a second!

Outdoor fire pits - with authentic carvings. When the fire burns, it creates a unique and enchanting spectacle: the flames illuminate your backyard, the top of a hill or a hillside, creating a cosy ambience, while unique carvings such as a forest view or the wings of a phoenix emerge in the dark.

It is good to know that Campfires are not suitable for smoking food, so if you are a fan of smoked food, it's time to buy a smoker or indoor grill. Also fire pits are not suitable for large roasts.

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