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BEEFEATER is an Australian brand of authentic grills. BEEFEATER grills have been on the market since 1984, so they really know how to make high quality, porcelain enamel coated or stainless steel grills!

BEEFEATER is not just a brand, it's a worldwide reputation. Once you've bought a BEEFEATER grill, you won't need a second. BEEFEATER grills are renowned for their durability, functional design and authenticity!

BEEFEATER grills are gas grills that can be classic, mobile or built-in. Classic, luxury BEEFEATER grills usually have a large cooking surface and are equipped with wheels so that they can be repositioned. Mobile, portable BEEFEATER grills weigh very little and are compact, making them ideal for travelling and touring. Take the mobile grills - the Beetles - to the beach, the garden, the park or the terrace. Meanwhile, built-in barbecues can become part of an outdoor kitchen and can be adapted to the desired design.

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