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Kokį kurą rinktis grilinant balkone

Which fuel to choose for balcony barbecues

Most often, a grilling career starts with the simplest of camping grills. After buying a portable charcoal grill in the spring, enthusiasts fall in love with grilled food all summer long and find it hard to imagine autumn and winter without delicious dinners.

Or what to do when the heat is washed away by endless rain, there's not a soul in the world, and all you want to do is eat? Or maybe the sun is still beating down outside and your balcony is in a tempting chill? What to do when it's hard to say goodbye to the summer barbecues by the lake, on the sea or on the deck of a yacht. Whatever life throws at you - grill!

If you have a charcoal camping grill and have always wanted to grill on the balcony but have not dared, we have good news for you. We've ranked the most suitable fuels for COBB charcoal and other grills of this type according to the least amount of smoke emitted. Here are the most suitable fuel options.

1. The best choice - compressed coconut shell charcoal tablets "COBB Cobblestones. These tablets burn without tanning, emitting minimal smoke both during tanning and cooking.

"COBB Cobblestones coconut shell charcoal tablets maintain heat for about two hours. This means that it produces little smoke, but burns half as long as coconut shell charcoal briquettes. You can roast a small chicken, but it's unlikely that you'll be able to roast or smoke a larger product, say a whole large duck, with a single tablet - the fuel may need to be refilled.

2. The second place would be coconut shell compressed charcoal briquettes "Nature, which requires a tanning bed. They emit smoke for the first 20 minutes before they burn completely and the charcoal briquettes ignite.

After that, there is virtually no smoke when the compressed charcoal is lit - it is the grilled food that emits the smoke rather than the briquettes themselves. For this reason, some enthusiasts set up a grill in the backyard or car park and then bring it inside.

Coconut shell compressed charcoal briquettes keep the heat for four hours. One load of charcoal will cook everything, but it leaves a little more ash than COBB Cobblestones.

The equivalent of coconut shell compressed charcoal briquettes is Eldurapi coconut briquettes with natural flavours. Use if you want to add extra flavour to your food. For example, olive, coffee or herbs. Also suitable for barbecues!

3. Charcoal briquettes in third place "Weber". They also require a tanning bed, which burns and ignites the charcoal in 20 minutes. Afterwards, minimal smoke is emitted. "Weber charcoal briquettes keep the heat for three hours.

"Weber charcoal briquettes are the most efficient Weber charcoal to date. Less coal is needed to achieve the same results.

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If you don't know which COBB grill to choose, read on, how the first COBB grill was born and what makes each COBB grill different!

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