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Ką iš tiesų gali ir ko negali dujinis grilis

What a gas grill can and cannot do

Fresh air, sunshine, lake or sea, terrace or garden, the company of good friends and the most delicious grilled food - the evocative idyll of grilling? And what if we added the following sequel: no ash, cleanliness, a wide menu of grilled dishes, freedom to improvise and a quick dinner when it rains unexpectedly or when you really need it?

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Simple and quick

If you're an eager or novice grill enthusiast and barbecue culture is still new to you, a gas grill is the perfect choice. Switch on the burners - wait about 10 minutes - grill - switch off! This advantage is most appealing to those who want to grill not only on weekends by the lakeside, but also every day, after the day's work. A particularly tasty grilled dinner in a few minutes is not such a bad idea!

Any gas grill heats up very quickly, but does not reach a particularly high heat compared to other grills. If you like a quick, medium-rare, gourmet steak, and this is one of the main items you intend to grill: it is worth choosing a gas grill with a burner that produces a heat of 800 ºC.

For example, some gas grills in the Napoleon brand, Rogue and Prestige Pro ranges have an infrared Sizzle Zone burner. It heats up to 800 ºC - perfect for searing steaks. Weber, the brand's main competitor, has responded no worse: some Genesis II series gas grills have an optional Sear Station burner - so you can get the heat you need!

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Burner capacity

Every gas grill has a really simple heat control - you'll be in control of the grilling process from start to finish. You can set, adjust and fine-tune the heat and grill your food according to professional recommendations.

What can three burners do that two can't? This is indirect grilling, which is often useful for festive meals: you can grill larger items such as a whole chicken or turkey. Simply switch on the side burners without touching the middle one. This allows the heat to circulate in a circle, cooking the product right up to the centre and, most importantly, giving it a wonderful grill aroma. By the way, indirect grilling requires a lid.

Many gas grills also come with a side cooker, which is useful for preparing a side dish or sauce without having to go to your home kitchen.

No ash!

A gas grill is low maintenance and more practical. No need to replace the ash collection tray or clean the charcoal box.

Variety of accessories

Believe me, accessories will definitely expand the grill's menu. Whether it's an aromatic cedar table for fish, roasting pans, skewers or stainless steel racks for tomatoes or peppers, all accessories make it easier to improvise.

Remove the myths!

Food products - gas smell? Only odourless cooking gases are used to grill food with a gas grill: they do not affect the smell or taste of the food. It's not for nothing that gas grills are a favourite not only in the home, but also with professional BBQ chefs and used in famous restaurants and events!gas grill, gas grills, gas grill, grill, grills, barbecue, why choose a gas grill

The aroma of smoke - anything is possible! Let's not kid ourselves: cooking with a charcoal grill will give you the distinctive smoky aroma without much effort. But with a gas grill, it's also possible. Don't underestimate a few tricks - they will definitely work!

With a gas grill, you can not only give your food the aroma of walnuts, cherries, curries or whisky, but you can also smoke it. For both, wood pellets, wood shavings, aromatic fire herbs and a smoking cylinder to be filled with flavouring additives are ideal.

How to extract the aroma? If you use aromatic fire herbs, you will only need to sprinkle them under the grill; if you use wood chips, you will need to moisten them, add them to the smoking cylinder and place them under the grate. If you plan to smoke fish or meat hot, use the above-mentioned cylinder, if cold, it is time to buy a cold smoke generator.

In fact, a gas grill will not only generate but also control the intensity of the smoke! How? Control the intensity and duration with the gas burner of your choice and be sure to cover the lid. That way you're always prepared: the most important thing is to have a smoke generator and smoking chips.

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