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Asortimento naujiena: japoniško plieno peiliai

New in the range: knives made of Japanese steel

We are the first in Lithuania to introduce several brands that have never been seen before in our market, which really have something to offer professional chefs, hunters and grill enthusiasts. These are Japanese steel kitchen knives, knife sets, magnetic knife holders and serving boards that are better than each other.

The first manufacturer is "Oleio is a well-known company in Germany, specialising in kitchen tools for more than a decade. "Oleio's mission is to create everyday kitchen accessories that truly contribute to a better and more convenient life.

In our range, under the Oleio brand name, there are several knife lines - Zayiko and Wakoli. These knives are made from 67 layers of Japanese Damascus steel and feature sharp blades. Each knife has a blade that extends evenly into the blade, so there is no resistance when cutting. The unique blade patterns, the luxurious wooden handles and the overall design of the knives are also eye-catching.

Another Dutch manufacturer - "Style de Vie Authentique is distinguished by its handmade "Forged" line of knives inspired by traditional Dutch blacksmithing. We assure you, unique design is not everything. Each knife is authentic and made from Japanese steel. Wooden ergonomic handles, 2 mm thick blades, hard blades will create the ultimate cooking experience!

All "Style de Vie Authentique knives come with special luxury wooden boxes designed for them, and "Knives from the VG10 Forged line - and leather sheaths. We have no doubt that this would make a great gift for more than just yourself.

We have also added magnetic knives in a variety of colours and designs to our range knife holders, made of natural acacia wood serving tables and diamond sharpener.

More about Oleio kitchen tools and accessories.

More about "Style de Vie Authentique kitchen tools and accessories.

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