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Napoleon COBB grill Bulduri Latvia Jurmala

Napoleon and COBB grills in the smart garden of Latvia

On an incredibly windy autumn afternoon, we visited Jūrmala, where we had the opportunity to introduce ourselves and tell our guests about the various grills, barbecues and the delicious, smoky food made on site. 

The venue is truly extraordinary: it is the only one of its kind not only in Latvia but also in Europe Bulduri School of Horticulture garden I-garden. This is a long-gestating project by 5 scientific institutions, which has finally come to fruition, with the aim of creating an automated, robotic garden and collecting data on a wide range of plants with virtually no human intervention.

The inauguration of the garden was attended by a number of political figures, scientists and academics who have made significant contributions to the project.

We are delighted to have graced the free part of the event programme with delicious aromas and colourful dishes. 

The spectacular dishes on gas NAPOLEON grill we invited you to prepare Pullman Riga Old Town Hotel located in the prestigious Equus restaurant Chef Artūrs ArnicānsHe was accompanied by young helpers and a Latvian who impressed with her organisation Unilever Food Solutions company.

COBB Napoleon Latvia Jurmala Bulduri

Arthur wowed everyone with his incredibly tasty and gorgeous starters: slow-roasted duck with grilled caramelised pear chunks, smoky beetroot spread, garnished with nasturtium leaves from the garden, served on Fazer mini buttery brioche buns

Shrimps and octopus pieces served with grilled locally grown Bulduri tomatoes, in a mango-citrus puree, garnished with marigold petals and herbs

Chef on Napoleon grill was prepared by one of Latvia's oldest meat processing companies - Nakotne prepared aged beef and pork cuts for the event.

Guests also enjoyed Smokey Olive Wood olive chips Smoked pork tenderloin with apple-cranberry chutney, apple-parsnip puree, garnished with pea sprouts.


Others, meanwhile, were introduced to portable COBB grills They are ideal for picnics anywhere, anytime - even in the flower-filled gardens of Bulduri. 

Everyone was most impressed by the grills on COBB grill grilled KNORR natural grill seasoning marinated, Smokey Olive Wood Holm oak shavings smoked pork neck.

The surprise for the Latvians present was also COBB grilled potatoes in foil, chicken breasts and even traditional Latvian white cheese and vegetables! It is true that grilled and smoked with selected wood gives a completely different flavour! 

Together with, we would like to thank the Latvian Bulduri Dārzkopības vidusskola, chef Artūrs Arnicāns, the team of Unilever Food Solutions, Unilever, Nākotne and Fazer, who provided top quality products for the presentation, and to all those who make Jūrmala a beautiful garden and give us the opportunity to be closer to current and future grill enthusiasts. Thank you!

We hope that not only in Lithuania, but also in Latvia there will be more and more fans of delicious food and smoke! 

You can see more photos of the event by clicking here

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