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Daugiau nei 20 metų TOP'uose. Kuo unikalus COBB grilis?

More than 20 years in the TOP. What makes the COBB grill unique?

The COBB grill was developed more than 20 years ago in Africa. In Lithuania, as in the rest of the world, its fan base is growing rapidly: you will find COBB fans in Australia, Asia, Africa, America and Europe, and every year it is voted one of the best grills in its class. So what's the secret of its success?

The uniqueness of COBB

For more than 20 years, the COBB grill has been ranked among the top 10 touring/compact grills in different countries around the world in annual polls by a wide range of grill experts, magazines and BBQ associations! 

It was voted one of the best inventions of the year by The Times Magazine in 2001; it has received accolades from the World Health Organisation, the World Health Organisation, the African Health Organisation; and it has received numerous design awards.

There is a reason why the COBB is so appreciated all over the world: it is light but robust; it is not afraid of moisture and does not rust (made of stainless steel); its bottom and sides always stay cool: you can always move it to another place or grill it on the table. The various grill accessories come in a compact and handy bag that can be transported in the car or easily taken to a picnic spot.

COBB Australia

One of the most important advantages is that you can put out the coals when you're done and go home in just a few minutes: the grill's unique design ensures that you can do this safely and quickly, without long hours of waiting for them to cool. And your hands, your bag or your car will always stay clean, without soot or ash!


The COBB grill can do it all: grill, sear, smoke, boil, braise. If desired, the grilling possibilities can be extended with a variety of grill accessories to suit individual needs. 

COBB grills are improved every year, but in such a way that the newly developed accessories and improvements are suitable even for grills that date back more than 20 years! 

How to choose

All COBB grills - both Premier and Supreme - are charcoal grills, with the exception of the COBB Premier Gas model. We have used 8-20 quality hardwoods in our carbon grills, coconut shell charcoal briquettes or 1-2 "Cobble Stone" tablets, you can grill for 2-4 hours depending on the type of fuel, and then refill your grill with new fuel as needed, even if it takes a whole day.

"COBB Premier - The most popular model, perfect for serving dinner for two or a large family group in just 15 minutes. This COBB grill is the lightest, weighing just 4 kilograms. "The COBB Premier comes as standard with a grill with lid, a universal grill plate (cooking surface Ø 30 cm), cooking grates, a lifting handle and a carry bag.

"COBB Premier Plus - A model set with an updated design and improved construction, weighing 5,5 kg. The new, much more massive Griddle+ grill plate has pronounced, deeper grooves with a slope - cook faster and more efficiently. This updated grill model features increased air permeability in the body and lid, allowing the updated Premier Plus COBB grill to reach higher cooking temperatures than the old Premier model. The stainless steel grid design of the grill body has also been updated with a new ergonomic lid handle and an improved removable ash pan design for easy removal of ash, especially useful when cooking for long periods. "COBB Premier Plus comes as standard with a grill with lid, the new Griddle+ (cooking surface Ø 26.5 cm), grill and lifting handle.

COBB grill "Supreme" is an oval-shaped charcoal grill. It has twice the cooking surface of the COBB Premier, giving you a hearty dinner for ten people. It's easy to carry: weighing just seven kilograms, it fits neatly into the Supreme bag. "The COBB Supreme comes as standard with a grill with lid, an oval universal grill pan (cooking surface 34 x 48 cm), oval cooking grates, a lifting handle and a carry bag.

"COBB Premier Plus Kitchen in a box" grill kit - everything you could possibly need. It's like a complete outdoor kitchen in one bag! "The COBB Premier Plus Kitchen in a box comes as standard with a range of accessories: grill with lid, universal grill plate, Griddle+ grill plate, grill grates, non-stick frying pan, stainless steel Chinese wok, chicken rack, extension, lifting handle and basket. This COBB grill and its set will come in handy for frequent travellers - no more worrying about whether you've taken all the necessary items. The universal grill plate has a cooking surface of Ø 30 cm. "The Griddle+ grill plate has a cooking surface of Ø 26,5 cm.

New for COBB charcoal grills - "COBB Premier Air grill with adjustable air dampers. Open the dampers for higher temperatures, close the dampers if you want to stew or bake for longer at lower temperatures. "The Premier Air COBB grill has a sleeker design that ensures better heat circulation during cooking. The grill comes as standard with: grill with lid, universal grill plate (cooking surface Ø 30 cm), grill grates, Griddle+ grill plate (cooking surface Ø 26,5 cm) and lift handle.

Finally, what's the best of a gas grill "COBB Premier Gas? This COBB grill is the most suitable for travelling or trips to the countryside, when you need to fire up the grill quickly. They are safe to use in campervans, yachts or boats. The grill weighs five kilograms, has non-slip support feet and a comfortable silicone-coated handle to protect against heat. "The COBB Premier Gas Grill does not require electricity or charcoal and is fuelled by a screw-on, disposable gas canister, so you'll never have to wait long to get ready for grilling! "The COBB Premier Gas grill comes as standard with: grill with lid, universal grill pan (cooking surface Ø 30 cm), lifting handle.

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