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Pristatome lietuvišką prekės ženklą – „Nergel“

Introducing the Lithuanian brand - Nergel

Lithuanian brand in our grill centre

We are pleased to introduce the Lithuanian brand - "Nergel".

The strength of this company is the synthesis of craftsmanship and creative thinking. See for yourself!

Ideas born in the designer's head are transformed into detailed, thoughtful drawings that take one form or another "Cor-ten steel body. Every Nergel product is the perfect balance between modern minimalism, exceptional quality and lasting value.

"Nergel's mission is to create a symphony of outstanding design landscapes - the names of its product collections are musical terms. Under "Piano, Calmando, Mezzo, "Forte" and other names for outdoor barbecues, decorative outdoor walls, outdoor lights, outdoor fireplaces, outdoor firewood, planters and fire pits. Two new products have now been added to our range fire pits and an outdoor woodshed.

Durable "Cor-ten steel

Cor-ten structural steel with its unique colour changes colour and structure over time. When exposed to time and changing weather conditions, the steel develops a natural decorative oxide layer called patina, which protects the product from further decay. Thus all "Nergel products are not only craftsmanlike, but also durable.

The material is manufactured under licence from US Steel Corporation and complies with EN 100255:2004.


"Nergel fire pits are deliberately designed to reflect heat and light into their surroundings and those seated in front of them due to their unique shape. Backyard seating will now be much more comfortable!

"Piano" fire pit has a raised canteloupe that protects against fire, crackling embers and heat. There is also a special place to store firewood and the fire pit itself can be conveniently leveled with your feet. In addition, the fire pit has a unique ventilation system and a universal firewood burning container.

"Calmando has a comfortable and durable cast-iron grate and a canopy to protect the fire from precipitation.

Both fire pits require minimal maintenance - ash can be cleaned up in just a few minutes.

More about the Nergel range.

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