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Kaip praėjo COBB grilio mokymai

How the COBB Grill Training went

As the summer grilling fever subsides, we are devoting our time to organising educational sessions. We think the cooler weather is a great opportunity to learn something new. 

On 13 November, we thought we'd invite you to our grill centre and give you COBB Grill training. We had a lot of recent and advanced COBB enthusiasts. What did we do?

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During the training, grill expert Audrius talked about the most important nuances of setting up, cooking and smoking a COBB grill. We also tasted some of the food cooked on the COBB grill. 

There was plenty to discuss. The training started outdoors, where Audrius not only talked about, but also demonstrated how quick and easy it is to set up COBB grill. We hope that from now on you will avoid flammable liquids when setting up your grill and choose only natural and quality tanning products, briquettes, charcoal or chips.

Our guests also learned about COBB grill accessories and their possibilities. Audrius explained how the COBB grill can be used to smoke fish up to several levels, what accessories are suitable for pizza, pancakes and how to cook a really big, chunky piece of fish.

Of course, the most anticipated part of the training was the grilling tasting. We chose simple but delicious dishes. On the COBB grill, we grilled a large piece of neck, thick pork loin steaks, potatoes wrapped in foil with condiments, cherry tomatoes.

Believe me, these natural briquettes brought out the full flavour of the food. It's a pity we can't capture the aroma!

All those with a taste for gourmet flavours sampled the luxurious, cold-pressed virgin olive oil, sprayed barbecue oil, exquisite pepper and salts.

In fact, you can taste the gourmet spices and oils any time you come to our grill centre, not just during events. We'll be happy to help you choose the flavours you prefer.

Until next time!

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