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Your cart is empty – oficialus NAPOLEON prekės ženklo atstovas Lietuvoje ir Latvijoje - official representative of NAPOLEON brand in Lithuania and Latvia

We shake hands: from now on we are the only one NAPOLEON representatives of the NAPOLEON brand in the regions of Lithuania and Latvia. Why are we happy? Because NAPOLEON is a globally known and recognisable brand that has been around for four decades.

The NAPOLEON brand stands for top quality grills, fireplaces and other home improvement solutions. NAPOLEON grills are recognisable on the global market:

  • Thanks to the robust, solid cast body and stainless steel construction, the heat lasts much longer;
  • the infrared Sizzle Zone side burner, which reaches a heat of over 800 degrees, making it ideal for searing gourmet steaks;
  • the infrared horizontal internal burner, which is designed to heat the rotating spit system;
  • thanks to the tilting tops - all 2019 NAPOLEON grills are equipped with this feature. Particularly useful in smaller spaces.

NAPOLEON manufactures charcoal, gas, touring, for outdoor kitchen furniture built-in grills and smokers.

We wish NAPOLEON grills the best of luck in "conquering" the Lithuanian market. They deserve it: tested by time and professional BBQ chefs!

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