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Druskininkuose gurmaniški kepsniai čirškės ant rankų darbo šedevro

Gourmet steaks sizzle on a handmade masterpiece in Druskininkai

On 26-27 May in Druskininkai, grill masters will be adjusting the weather forecasts of the synoptics. The air will heat up from the coals burning in the grills. For two days, the masters of the Goodwill Cup of BBQ 2018 will compete for the Goodwill Cup on the banks of the Nemunas river. For those with a sensitive sense of smell, the smells, sights and tastes will be a serious challenge. 

The international championship is organised by the Druskininkai Municipality Administration, the Lithuanian Barbecue and Grill Association and the International Barbecue and Grill Federation. Grill professionals will demonstrate their skills and ingenuity by preparing pork, beef, poultry, fish dishes and dessert. According to a press release issued by the organisers, the action on the championship grounds will start early on Saturday morning. After the team captains have drawn lots, the masters will join the grills. The dishes will be judged by a competent international jury, which includes grilling luminaries such as Andrei Romanov, President of the Russian Barbecue Association, with the blood of the Tsar Romanovs running through his veins.

Winners will receive valuable prizes When choosing the best of the championship, the jury will assess the overall appearance, taste, tenderness and juiciness of the dish, and other nuances of the dishes known only to true grill professionals. The main prize of the championship is a voucher worth EUR 500 and a Weber grill. It was the company's founder, George Stevens, who pioneered the spherical grill and revolutionised grill culture in America. The awards will go beyond the appreciation of the food produced. The organisers have set up special prizes for team image, outfit and even for the most inventive and engaging team. Grill masters will also compete in the Black Box competition, and on Sunday, spectators will be able to test their skills. There are also special prizes from the event organisers. Grills will be sizzling on the ... train Visitors to the Championships will not only be able to catch a glimpse of the latest models of grills, talk to grill professionals, but also taste dishes made by the masters.

A train locomotive will also pull up to the championship event area. It won't burn out if you want to take it for a spin. A unique handmade masterpiece that, as befits the context of the event, will be used to assist in the preparation of the food that will be served to the guests. The impressive train engine-shaped barbecue is three and a half metres in size. A single cooking session can produce enough steaks to feed up to 200 people. The organisers cannot yet say which animal will be used in the train-shaped grill. It will depend on the success of the hunt. Whatever the guys from Tauro Ragas manage to kill before the championship, that is what the townspeople and the guests of the resort will be treated to. The size of the impressive barbecue in the shape of a train engine is three and a half metres. A single cooking session can produce enough steaks to feed up to two hundred people. The world-famous BBQ Mates, designed, manufactured and patented in the UK by Neris Nerick and his team, are a frequent centre of attention at a wide range of events around the world. Increasingly, they are making their way into the homes of barbecue fans. Nerickas, a passionate grill professional, is happy that the awareness of barbecue is slowly growing in Lithuania and the interest is growing. Lithuanians are finally starting to understand that it's not just shish kebabs that can be cooked on a barbecue. "The possibilities of barbecues are exceptionally vast. They can be used for cold and hot smoking, frying, grilling and barbecuing various types of meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, cepelini, dessert and even ice cream," said Nerickas. By the way, there is still time to register your team for the competition. The organisers will provide all participants with Weber grills, charcoal and products, so all you have to do is turn up and try your hand in fun company.

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