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Rūkymo pamoka - susipažinimas su Ispanijoje augančiais medžiais

Smoking lesson - learning about trees in Spain

A lesson for every BBQ lover, where you will hear from... to... about smoking your barbecue. We'll ask questions, discuss, see, smell and taste the dishes smoked with chips from different trees.

During the lesson, we will reveal:
- the subtleties of cold and hot smoking
- discussing the different fractions of shavings
- advice on which trees to choose for smoking poultry, fish or meat and why
- introducing 6 different wood chips and blocks that no Mediterranean can imagine cooking without
- the nuances and subtleties of smoking on charcoal, gas and electric grills and in large or small smokehouses.

The lesson will be taught by Stephane Pover - Spanish company Smokey Olive Wood representative, professional grill master.

The lesson will be held in English. We will translate if needed.
Time: Wednesday 5 August, 16h
Location: shop Žemaičių pl.37, Kaunas.

Please register at with your phone number.

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