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Dujinis grilis NAPOLEON PHANTOM Rogue RSE425RSIBPMK-1-PHM, juodas matinis Газовый гриль NAPOLEON PHANTOM Rogue RSE425RSIBPMK-1-PHM, черный матовый

Napoleon Grills

Discover a new outdoor cooking experience with our range of grills. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a novice, Napoleon grills will help you reach the heights of cooking!

Welcome to the world of Napoleon grills - the place where quality, innovation and high-end design meet! Our grills are designed with one goal in mind - to give you an unrivalled cooking experience. With Napoleon grills you can be sure that every dish you cook will be perfect.

Ketaus grotelės suteiks ypatingą raštą jūsų grilinamiems gaminiams. Чугунный гриль придаст особый узор вашим продуктам на гриле.

Why choose Napoleon Grills?

  • High Quality Materials: We use only the highest quality materials to ensure durability and reliability.
  • Innovative Design Elements: Our grills feature distinctive designs and the latest technologies that make cooking easier and give you more options.
  • Wide Model Selection: We offer a wide range of grill types, sizes and features so you can find the ideal option for your needs.

Choose from:


NAPOLEON Kettle charcoal grills and Apollo smokers are backed by a limited 10-year warranty for their intended use.

The 10-year warranty covers the porcelain enamel lid and bowl.

A 5-year warranty is provided for the air flow control system;

3-year warranty on the following parts:
Chrome-plated steel cooking grates.

If you need to buy any part of a NAPOLEON grill within 10 years (with 5-year and 3-year warranty), we offer a 50% discount.

Anglinis grilis NAPOLEON PRO Kettle Ø 57 cm Угольный гриль NAPOLEON PRO Kettle Ø 57 см

Napoleon carbon grills

Classic models of charcoal grills that offer an authentic taste experience and a special aroma.

Dujinis grilis NAPOLEON Freestyle 365 SIB su šoniniu degikliu, grafito spalva Газовый гриль NAPOLEON Freestyle 365 SIB с боковой конфоркой, цвет графит

Napoleon gas grills

Convenient and efficient gas grill models that give you quick and easy cooking without any hassle.

NAPOLEON travel grills

Travel grills that are lightweight, portable and ideal for camping, picnics or other outdoor events.

Napoleon built-in grills

Mounted grills, perfect for integrating into your outdoor space, giving it a distinctive style and functionality.