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Ceramic knife and razor set Kyocera, black

by Kyocera
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Ceramic knife and razor set Kyocera, black

by Kyocera
Regular price 54.90 €
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The Kyocera ceramic knife and razor for vegetables and fruit are an indispensable pair for your kitchen.

Vegetarians and vegans will love this knife and razor set - the ceramic blades do not alter the taste of the food you are cutting, they are neutral to the effects of food acids, you don't have to tear the lettuce - it can be chopped, and the herbs turn brown much more slowly when cut with the ceramic knife.

The razor removes a very thin layer of peel, is very sharp and easy to maintain.


Kyocera  ceramic knives are made from a technical material called zirconium oxide. This material, like diamonds and sapphires, is created by nature through millennia of crystallisation, extreme temperatures and enormous pressure. The result of these processes is a pure, dense, strong material, more than 50% stronger than steel and close in strength to diamond.

Long-lasting and corrosion-resistant, ceramic parts are often used in surgery as bone substitutes. These ceramics are also used in space satellites, racing car braking systems and other applications where extreme wear resistance is required. When metal can no longer withstand the stresses, ceramics are the choice. This material is the strongest cutting edge (only diamond is stronger) and at the same time half the weight of steel. These knives also remain sharp for a much longer time compared to conventional steel knives. The new ceramic, carbon and stainless steel knives have been tested on Honda's sharpness testing machines. On this machine, the knives cut through a layer of paper sheets with equal force. Paper was used because the blades unwind faster than e.g. vegetables. Paper  After cutting the paper 1 000 times, the ceramic blades were still much sharper than the steel blades.

 Ceramic blades cut effortlessly through any food. The Kyocera knives are also more hygienic, corrosion-resistant and do not give off unwanted odours or metal ionisation when preparing products rich in acids, juices, salts or aromatic substances (e.g. lemon, ginger, etc.) thanks to their smooth surface. These properties make ceramic knives  are particularly appreciated  Advocates of uncooked 'raw food'.


Ceramics are not a complete substitute for steel. Ceramic knives are unrivalled for cutting fruit, vegetables and boneless meats. Ceramic stays sharper for longer and the lightness of the knife will give you new sensations when cutting. They are designed to complement but not replace your other knives. A ceramic knife is best suited for cutting boneless meat, fruit or vegetables.  For carving, boning, frozen food and cheese, use steel knives. Ceramic knives break and crumble more easily than steel. Handle them with care. Use with a plastic or wooden cutting board, and do not cut on marble or stoneware surfaces, or on surfaces that are not suitable for cutting, such as plates or ceramic tiles. Wash only by hand with liquid dishwashing detergent. If colour stains appear which cannot be removed by normal detergent, you can use acetone or mild bleach. Store the knife in a sheath, knife deck or use blade guards



  • Set includes FK-110 WH utility knife and CP-10 razor

  • Black polypropylene handles, white ceramic blade
  • Blade hardness HRC 71
  • Manufacturer - Kyocera

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